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Search Engine Spam Comes with a New Twist
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For the first time in over a year, spammers are using popular search engine links to disguise malicious web addresses according to Symantec’s MessageLabs. In February, users have been targeted with the promise of good deals and cheap goods as they struggle through the economic crisis.

Search Engine Spam

Such spam messages contain text like:

Norton Online Family Offers Parents Peace Of Mind
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Symantec has released the public beta of Norton Online Family, an Internet safety service aimed at helping parents protect children online.

Norton Online Family is currently free and available in English only. It’s compatible with both Macs and PCs.

The service encourages discussions between parents and their children and provides customizable tools to manage online activity.

Ask Partners With Symantec On Safer Searches

Ask.com has partnered with security firm Symantec to offer users safer search results in an effort to attract more traffic.

Ask and Symantec developed Safe Search that makes searching the Web safer by providing users with ratings before they visit a site that could damage or infect their computer.

Kids Online Activities Risky
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A survey by Software Company Symantec found that the types of Internet activity children are involved in online could be more risky than their parents expect.

 The survey found that 6 percent of parents believed their children had had an online encounter with a stranger but 16 percent of U.S. children reported being contacted while online by a stranger.

Spam Worsens, Broadens As Computer Threat

The increasing volume of spam isn’t the only problem plaguing computer users, as varied threats make clicking the most innocent appearing link a potential attack vector.

Spam Products Filling Up Inboxes

Deals that look too good to be true for hot gift items probably pose a threat to shoppers, as the deals front for credit card stealing websites.

Microsoft Casts Net to Catch Phishers

Microsoft is taking a play from the playbook of “Dirty Harry” by telling phishers around the globe to,” go a head punk and make their day”. They are working with law enforcement in Europe and the Middle East to catch gangs of phishers.

Apple, Google Cults Verified
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There’s more evidence of the cult following that cheers on both Google and Apple. Symantec would seem to have a faithful consumer base, as well. That’s what several recent Net Promoter industry reports indicated, anyway – Google, Apple, and Symantec enjoyed the highest levels of customer loyalty.

Symantec Sues Microsoft

Symantec has sued Microsoft, claiming that it is violating a 1996 agreement with Veritas, which Symantec bought last year for $10.2 billion.

Symantec Sues Microsoft Over Veritas

Once upon a time, Microsoft licensed a version of Veritas Volume Manager and used it in Windows 2000; Symantec now owns Veritas and wants Microsoft to pay for continuing to use that technology.

Symantec And McAfee Hunt Software Pirates

Symantec Corp. and McAfee Inc., long-established rivals, have joined forces to crack down on illegal online software sales. Certain eBay sellers are the first pirates to have been targeted by the corporations. So far, five sellers have been named in three lawsuits.

Symantec Beats Analysts’ Expectations

Symantec, the security software corporation, beat Wall Street analysts’ quarterly profit and revenue predictions with its Tuesday posting. This had the effect of sending the company’s stock shares up by 3 percent.

IRS Nails Symantec With $1B Tax Bill

Symantec apparently underreported the value of transfers it made of intellectual property to a pair of foreign subsidiaries after its purchase of Veritas.

Trend Micro To Continue Scanning Hotmail

Microsoft has agreed to extend Trend Micro’s contract with MSN and permit it to continue providing antivirus scanning and cleaning for Hotmail’s 230 million email accounts.

Microsoft Shares Buoyed Despite EU Woes

Intra-day trading on Microsoft lifted the stock price by 14 cents, but concerns raised by the European Commission over the forthcoming Vista operating system could prove troublesome.

Page Bringing Google Pack, Videos To CES

The keynote by Google co-founder Larry Page at CES 2006 will unveil video purchase options and a new downloadable software pack from the company.

Nokia Rings Up Symantec Antivirus Deal

Symantec’s Mobile Security will be preloaded on Nokia’s Series 60 smartphones to help protect the popular devices.

Symantec Ties $209 Million To BindView

The tech security company will pick up agent-less security compliance supplier bind view for about $4 per share.

Mozilla Blasts Symantec On Firefox Issues

When Symantec reported serious vulnerabilities were being found faster in Firefox than in IE, many in the tech world anticipated a strong response to the report.

Symantec Acquires Sygate

Symantec Corp. announced today that it is acquiring Sygate Technologies, an endpoint compliance company, for an undisclosed sum to aid its effort in creating a “holistic” solution to security, compliance, and remediation requirements of large enterprises.

Symantec Secures Sygate

The acquisition of Fremont-based Sygate will give Symantec another protection option for enterprise customers.