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Sydney Prepares For Its Google Close-Up
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In their existence, Google Maps and Google Earth have displayed quite a few odd images. Prepare to see a lot more, courtesy of the citizens of Sydney, Australia. Google is going to take some new pictures of the area, and the search engine company has not only given the public a heads up – it’s encouraged them to put on a show for the cameras.

Google Eyes Portugal, Africa

In America, Google is pretty much omnipresent. Elsewhere in the world . . . well, it’s getting there. The search engine company has announced plans to enter Portugal in order to access the African market indirectly.

Google: Aussie Law Threatens ‘Net

Australia may make changes to its copyright laws that, according to Google, would cause the Internet to “promptly grind to a halt.”

Racist Blogs Land Google In Hot Water

Google is becoming involved in yet another battle that may test its dedication to “free speech”: an Australian group has accused the company’s Blogger site of hosting what it describes as “racist and neo-Nazi content.” The group has requested that the offensive blogs be removed, but Google hasn’t budged.

Sydney Gold Coast Race via Google Earth
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This from our mates down-under…