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Google Maps’ 45° Imagery Update Pleases Historians, Monkees Fans Alike Google Maps’ 45° Imagery Update Pleases Historians, Monkees Fans Alike

Google Maps has waved its Wand o’ 45° Imagery again, this time bestowing another 26 cities with fully rotatable views. As I’ve said before in these update pieces, the 45° angles give users a superior vantage of a building’s architecture, …

Google Loses Swiss Street View Case Google Loses Swiss Street View Case
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The way Google’s Street View program operates in Switzerland may soon change in dramatic fashion.  A Swiss court has ordered that (among other things) Google must ensure all faces and license plates are unrecognizable, even if that means employees have …

Google Headed To Swiss Court Over Street View

The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner of Switzerland, Hanspeter Thür

, still isn’t happy with Google.  Thür

Street View: Soon With More Blurriness
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On August 18th, Google released Street View imagery of Switzerland.  A few days later, Switzerland’s Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner complained.  Now, it looks like the two sides have reached an agreement that will have some rather far-reaching effects.

Swiss Privacy Commissioner Requests Street View Takedown

The Swiss gave Street View a chance.  But, following the release of some imagery on Tuesday, Switzerland’s Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner asked Google late last week to withdraw its offering.

Street View Adds Images From Switzerland, Taiwan, Portugal
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Fans of Street View may not get a lot of work done today.  Google’s seen fit to release images covering three new countries, and pictures documenting some special points of interest within America’s borders have become available, as well.

Switzerland, Taiwan, and Portual are the three main attractions (as you probably gathered from this piece’s title).  Interesting and even stunning views are available of each, with the image below showing off Grindelwald, Switzerland.

EFF Launches Net Neutrality Tool

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has introduced a new tool that allows users to find out if their ISPs are throttling their P2P files.

The new "Switzerland Tool" will reveal if a user’s network connection has any restrictions on it from ISPs.

Yahoo Europe’s Headquarters Moving To Switzerland
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Wikipedia claims that all of Switzerland has about the same population as the Greater London area.  And some Yahoo employees should soon be able to check up on that comparison, as the company is moving its European headquarters southeast.

Yahoo Ditching London For Switzerland
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The European headquarters for Yahoo’s operations will be boxing up all of their purple goodies and shifting offices out of the UK.

Whistleblowing Site Shut Down
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The whistleblowing site Wikileaks.org has been taken offline by the order of a California court.

Dynadot, which controls the sites domain name was ordered by the court to," immediately clear and remove all DNS hosting records for the wikileaks.org domain name and prevent the domain name from resolving to the wikileaks.org website or any other website or server other than a blank park page, until further order of this Court."