Swing Articles

Yahoo Sports Shortcut Takes A Swing
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Do a query for a professional athlete on Yahoo Search, and a new Sports Shortcut may appear with extra details about him. UPDATE: It does now in Firefox; please see the comments section for details.

Golf Club Company Takes A Swing At Google
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Four major domainer firms are being sued for filling (otherwise unused) sites with ads.  One other corporation – Google – has also been named in the class action complaint; Google provided the ads.

Sun Swings Derby Into JDK

The Java DB from the Apache Derby Project, and GroupLayout from the NetBeans GUI Builder, will be part of the Java SE 6 Development Kit.

RSS In The Mainstream

The folks at LearField Creative take a swing at simplifying RSS, adding to the conversation started here. (They define it as a “personal media outlet.”) But I still think we’ve a ways to go before adoption is widespread based on that idea.

Midday Swing Bats Oil Prices Back Up

Light sweet crude climbed back over the $51 mark on Tuesday signaling what some experts say may be a seasonal low. The market has dropped $8 since it hit its high a couple of weeks ago and it dropped to $49.66 at one point yesterday before finishing $50.37 and shot up to $51.65 in today’s trading.