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Michael Phelps: Olympic Champ Ends Retirement To Compete In Swim Meet

Michael Phelps, known to be the world’s most decorated Olympic athlete, will return to the pool on April 24-26 for the Arena Grand Prix, ending his retirement. The swim meet will take place at the Skyline Aquatic Center in Mesa, …

Diana Nyad Plans to Meet with Swimmers Doubting Her Feat

Diana Nyad wants to dispel any doubts her fellow endurance athletes may have about the authenticity of her 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida. Nyad’s swim, the fulfillment of a lifelong goal for the 64 year-old marathon swimmer, was tracked …

Olympic Swimmer Decides Not to Quit Twitter
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According to a story published in the Sporting News yesterday, Rebecca Adlington, the two-time Olympic gold medalist from Britain, said she was giving up Twitter during the Olympics because people were making fun of the way she looks. Adlington said …

Michael Phelps Google Results Drastically Change

In case you missed the news, Olympic superstar Michael Phelps was caught on camera smoking cannabis from a bong.

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