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Suzanne Somers Displays “Expertise” on Obamacare
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The Wall Street Journal, the largest paper in circulation in the United States today at 2.4 million copies, has created a new section of its paper entitled, “The Experts.” This section of the paper contains editorials from people who are …

Suzanne Somers: Does Miley Cyrus Crave Babies With An Older Man?

If Miley Cyrus had any doubts whether older men can be passionate and romantic, then she should listen to what Suzanne Somers had to say on Wednesday. At 66, well past her fertile years, Somers is still eager to make …

Suzanne Somers Talks Sex, Proves Miley Cyrus Wrong
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Lets talk about sex! Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus made headlines for her unfettered comment toward in regards to sex ‘ending after 40.’ During her chat with host, Matt Lauer, Cyrus stated that, “I heard when you turn 40, things start …