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Bluefin Tuna Prices Plummet At Japan Auction Bluefin Tuna Prices Plummet At Japan Auction
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Sushi restaurateur Kiyoshi Kimura was the top bidder of bluefin tuna in the year’s first tuna auction at Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Japan. The event normally draws very high bids given Japan’s insatiable appetite for the fish. Kimura paid a …

Nicole Scherzinger Brings Life To Party

Everybody‚Äôs talking about and ogling Nicole Scherzinger ever since she stepped out in a body-hugging, skin-exposing black suit for a wild night out. The former Pussycat Doll and X Factor judge effortlessly grabbed the attention of all onlookers with her …

Sushi Making Robot Devalues Artform?
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The SushiBot can make 400 rolls an hour. In the following YouTube video you can see how quickly it molds the rice base that will later present pieces of fresh seafood. The machine is on display at the World Food …