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Obama Pledges Net Neutrality Support
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During a live dialogue with MTV viewers, Presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged to support Net Neutrality if elected president, and to appoint a pro-neutrality Federal Communications Commission.

Colbert Gains Support On Facebook
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Comedian Stephen Colbert’s fictitious bid for the presidency has created a pretty big buzz on social networking site Facebook.

IMAP Support for Gmail

Gmail seems to be rolling out IMAP support. IMAP is short for Internet Message Access Protocol and allows you to access your Gmail emails from other clients, like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Wikipedia Stats Support Ron Paul
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If Wikipedia’s users get to determine the next president, it seems like we’ll be seeing Ron Paul in the White House; according to an analysis of four different factors, the Republican candidate is popular in just about every way.

Google May Support A Small Electric Car
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Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have tossed quite a bit of money at Tesla Motors, but they did so as private individuals.  Now there’s word that Google itself could get behind another automotive effort.

Yahoo Shopping Partners With ScanAlert
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Yahoo Shopping’s comparison-shopping listings will now display ScanAlert’s Hacker Safe seal. Online shoppers will be able to make decisions about merchants based on more than pricing and ratings.

Americans Support Ban On Texting While Driving
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Eighty-nine percent of American adults believe that sending text messages or emails while driving is dangerous and should be banned according to a new survey commissioned by mobile messaging service Pinger and conducted by Harris Interactive.

More Support Class Action Against YouTube

More bad news for YouTube/Google, the Football Association Premier League (Premier League) and Bourne Co. (Bourne) said today that more parties are joining the fight for content protection against YouTube/ Google citing wide scale copyright infringement.

JPEG May Standardize Microsoft’s HD Photo Format
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The Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) said they would consider Microsoft’s HD Photo file format, tentatively titled JPEG XR, for open standard status. If standardized, Microsoft says the new format will usher in the next generation of digital imaging.

Novarra Receives $50 Million, Qualcomm’s Support

If Novarra had received Qualcomm’s endorsement and nothing else, the company would deserve a round of applause.  But Novarra, a provider of mobile platforms and services, has received Qualcomm’s endorsement and $50 million in funding.  Somebody find the gold-flake confetti!

Google Flexes Robots Exclusion Protocol

Two new features added to the protocol will help webmasters govern when an item should stop showing up in Google’s web search, as well as providing some control over the indexing of other data types.

Google Shows Support For Missing Soldiers

Google Israel made an interesting gesture today on its home page: it posted (in Hebrew) the phrase “thy children shall come again to their own border,” which refers to two kidnapped Israeli soldiers.  Some have called this “moving,” and it’s definitely unusual.

Google Analytics Ready For Transition

On July 18th, Google plans to remove the old version of Analytics in favor of the updated edition.

Digg Mob Strikes Again
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Ok so dig. The mob-mentality of Digg.com users theme is growing thin, I admit. But, as mobs are wont to do, the situation has escalated beyond all reason, and the crowd isn’t sorry, just more vicious.

Yahoo’s Flickr Adds Support For 7 New Languages

Pictures tend to transcend language barriers, and now Flickr is trying to do the same – Yahoo’s photo-sharing site has just added support for seven new languages.

Yahoo Builds Support Center In Spain

Barcelona is known for its architecture, its museums, and its sports teams.  Now it will be known as the home of Yahoo’s new customer support sales center, as well.  Granted, this status may not draw quite as many visitors to the Spanish city, but Yahoo still seems quite proud of the development.

Search Engines Support Revolution Health

The Revolution Health website is, in some ways, like many others; it calls itself “a free, comprehensive health and medical information site, specifically designed with the Family’s Chief Medical Officer – women and other caregivers – in mind.”  But Revolution Health is actually doing well, thanks largely to Google and Ask.

Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online
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The cancellation of a CBS drama series has prompted outraged fans to try and save their beloved series by grabbing some nuts and flinging them at senior CBS executives.

Google Shareholders Support Censorship?
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During the Vietnam War, an American major said, “It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”  Well, in a slight twist on that, Google’s shareholders have decided that they must continue censoring Google China in order to keep it alive.

Yahoo Keyword Inventory Tool on Life Support

If you’re a fan of the YSM Keyword Selector Tool (aka Overture Inventory Tool), I have good news and bad news for you. Yahoo Search Marketing is no longer supporting the tool, but the company is planning an update to the information.

Here’s part of the email I received from them…

SES: Promote Your Site With Wikipedia
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If you check out the Google search results for most terms, you’ll find Wikipedia at or near the top of the list.