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Facebook Sued for $1.00 After Labeling David Fagin a Spammer

After being blocked by Facebook from sending friend requests, David Fagin has decided to sue the company for…a dollar. It sounds silly, but Fagin, actually brings up some fairly interesting points. He even went so far as to issue a press release. It begins: There aren’t too many words that exist in Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary that conjure up more …

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‘MySpace Local’ Helps Support Local Music

It’s been said that all politics is local and perhaps the same could be said for music. Not only do many fans love to support local music, but they want to know the best places to see it.  Bands too, want to know which are the best places to perform. But like a voter choosing between candidates, which one is for them?  Which choice are other members of their tribe supporting? 

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