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Gartner: SCM Software Revenue To Hit $10 Billion This Year

Supply chain management software is on pace to hit $10 billion in revenue this year, according to a report from Gartner. That would be an increase of 12.2% over last year, and would be the biggest growth the industry has seen since 2011. The firm surveyed nearly 450 North American supply chain professionals in the fourth quarter of 2013. Respondents …

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Gartner Releases Supply Chain Top 25, Apple Leads For 7th Consecutive Year

Gartner has released its 10th annual Supply Chain Top 25, and Apple is at the top of the list for the seventh year in a row. McDonald’s came in second for the second consecutive year. A couple of new companies entered the list this time: Seagate and Kimberly-Clark. The composite score is calculated using the following equation: (Peer Opinion*25%) + …

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Supply Chains To Be Significantly Impacted By Huge Growth Of ‘Internet Of Things’

Gartner is predicting a 30-fold increase in Internet-connected physical devices within the next six years, and says this will “significantly” alter how the supply chain operates, and create more “cyber-risk exposure”. So how much is a 30-fold increase exactly? We’re talking about 26 billion devices on the “Internet of Things”. For comparison, it was more like 0.9 billion just five …

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