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Google Offers Reprieve From Google Hell

Webmasters can stop fretting about Google’s supplemental results – they’re not really there anymore. Google has lifted the veil between indices.

Google introduced its supplemental results in 2003, much to the chagrin of webmasters actively looking to have more of their content indexed for search. In what the company then called "a new Google experiment," a pair of indexes were created, one for the search engine’s main results, and a second for more obscure queries.

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Google Supplemental Label Out. What Next, PageRank?

Which item published by Google is:

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Forbes Finds SEO Red Light District

SEO is a difficult topic for anybody new to the game. It’s proved especially difficult for Forbes, where an article about "Google Hell" had the experts shaking their heads. Not to rag too much on Forbes, the article did present an opportunity for clarification about Google’s supplemental index.

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Reports are surfacing throughout the blogosphere concerning the ever-growing recesses of Google’s supplemental results. Now more than ever, sites that were once highly ranked in the main index are beginning to find themselves in the confines of the supplemental index.

Some have likened Google’s supplemental index to a virtual refuse pile, an online prison where all sorts of outdated web content are doomed to a fate of obscurity for all time.

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Escaping Google’s Supplemental Dead Zone

Recently throughout the blogosphere, a discussion has begun to gain steam about how exactly Google’s supplemental results are determined, and what steps webmasters can take in order to rescue these left-for-dead pages and return them to the main index.

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