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Coca Cola’s ‘America The Beautiful’ Ad Causes Controversy

This year Coca Cola ditched its lovable polar bears, opting instead for  for a more arousing Super Bowl commercial. Coca Cola chose to go with an ad that they had to have known would spark controversy — but some call that good marketing. After all, the Super Bowl came and went and we’re still talking about the commercial. The commercial …

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Doritos Commercial Earns Creator $1 Mil In Contest

Doritos commercials have been making us laugh for several Super Bowls now, and for the past seven years the ads have been a little different, as they were created for a contest sponsored by Doritos. On Sunday, the top two finalists in this year’s contest saw their commercials aired during the game and the winner was announced on Monday. Raj …

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Scarlett Johansson Buys Home in Hamptons

Scarlett Johansson is ready for some relaxation. She recently purchased a beautiful home in the Hamptons on New York’s Long Island. According to the New York Times, Scar-Jo’s new home resides on Shipwreck Drive, touching the Peconic Land Trust. Johansson’s new beach retreat has four bedrooms complete with private balconies. And if that’s not enough to sell you on the …

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Scarlett Johansson Sodastream Ad Becomes Online Meme for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Scarlett Johansson’s collaboration with Sodastream has drawn sharp criticism from those with strong opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and now it’s spawning political memes across the Internet. Sodastream recently announced that Johansson would be their first-ever global brand ambassador. Johansson said she has been a fan of the environmentally-conscious company’s make-it-yourself soda product for several years: “I think it was …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises In Super Bowl Ad

The teasers for the upcoming Super Bowl commercials in February have started airing on TV, and one of them features Arnold Schwarzenegger. “The Governator” will appear in a number of ads to promote Bud Light beer. Schwarzenegger, who spent most of the 2000’s in office as California Governor, has made ad appearances overseas, but has stayed clear of doing U.S. advertisements. …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Lands Deal For Super Bowl Ad

It appears that Arnold Schwarzenegger just doesn’t know when to quit. He certainly is not in need of the money, although he just agreed to a huge deal for one ad that will be aired during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is coming up soon, and with four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs, it is down to the …

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