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Sunblock You Can Drink: Is It Worth The Hype?

“I’d like my sunblock shaken – not stirred.” Actually, shaking is kind of what the drinkable sunscreen called UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water claims to do – shaking your body’s molecules, that is. By sipping a few milliliters before relaxing by the pool, the founder of the company (Osmosis Skincare) Ben Johnson, M.D. says the cocktail

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Drinkable Sunscreen Will ‘Vibrate on Your Skin’

Colorado company Osmosis Skincare has developed a drinkable sunscreen that is said to provide 30 SPF-like protection. The product falls under Osmosis’ “Harmonized Waters” line, and comes in “tan enhancement” and “no tan enhancement” flavors. According to Osmosis, Harmonized H20 UV Neutralizer works by “isolating the precise frequencies needed to neutralize UVA and UVB,” and will “vibrate on your skin …

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