Sun Articles

Go From Sun To Microsoft With One Login

A year after the two tech companies signed a ten-year agreement to jointly develop software, they have announced gains in single sign-on technology.

Sun And Microsoft Talk Software

The CEOs of the respective companies, which have had differences in the past, discussed a new joint project.

Microsoft and Sun Partnership Starts To Show Results

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems spent a lot of time at each other’s throats in legal battles, but last year the two companies formed a partnership which is now starting to show its results.

Sun To Shine Globally

Sun Microsystems announced the selection of four cities to replace Silicon Valley as its research and development center.

Hundreds of Developers at Microsoft and SAP Working Together

Hundreds of developers at Microsoft and SAP will work together on a new product designed to link together their business software …

Sun Will Not Go Private

Scott McNealy denies reports that the technology company plans to buyback its stock and bid adieu to Sarbanes-Oxley.

Alan At Sun Notices That Blogs Have Changed His Opinion of Microsoft

Alan Coopersmith, who works at Sun Microsystems, blogs about how Microsoft’s blogs are changing his opinion of his competitor …

Sun Microsystems COO Jonathan Schwartz on The Red Couch

Shel Israel has a great profile piece on Sun COO Joanathan Schwartz and his approach to corporate blogging.

Merger Brings Joy to Archipelago

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is merging with the Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx) to become NYSE Group, Inc. which will be publicly held.

Computer World Buzzing Over AMD Dual-Core

AMD has the processor market seeing double as vendors begin falling over each other to pick up the new Opteron.

Bottom Up vs. Top Down Corporate Blogging

As business blogging becomes more widespread, two main approaches have emerged. There are bottom up bloggers and top-down bloggers …

Sun Wants Java as Open Source as Possible

Sun Microsystems wants to make Java as open source as possible while keeping compatibility and has made changes to its Java licensing.

The Sun Also Rises

Technology Review profiles the impact of blogs on how Sun Microsystems communicates.

Confidence is High for Foster’s

Foster’s is optimistic that it can take on its rival, Southcorp, now that its half-year profit results have been released.

Press Clip Quotes from Sun CTO’s New Blog

Jim Griziano notes that Greg Papadopoulos, Sun’s CTO, is now blogging. Already eWeek is picking up quotes directly off Greg’s blog.

Sun and Archipelago to Build Online Compute Exchange

Sun Microsystems and Archipelago are planning to build the world’s first online compute exchange.

CSC Signs $360 Million Deal with Sun

Computer Sciences Corporation has signed a global IT applications management services agreement with Sun Microsystems.

Open-source Solaris No-Lose For Sun?

With the open-source community being embraced by the tech giants like never before, there have been questions about how these actions will benefit the companies that opened their patents up.

Will Sun’s Open Solaris Get Traction?

According to a story in ComputerWorld, “Sun Microsystems Inc. yesterday made good on its promise to open-source its Solaris operating system …

Sun Decides To Join Open Source Patent Move

Technology giants continue to embrace the open source community by releasing a number of patents on their products.

Former McDonald’s CEO Passes Away

Charlie Bell, former CEO of McDonald’s who stepped down from the position in November due to colorectal cancer, died at the age of 44.