Sun Articles

General Dynamics Picks Up a Tadpole

Tadpole Computer Inc., which is known for its Unix-based platforms for military, government and commercial operations, was acquired today by General Dynamics.

Novell Opens Up SUSE

The technology company announced at LinuxWorld an open version of the SUSE Linux distribution.

Sun Rises On Two Million Solaris Licenses

Solaris 10 has been a freely available download from Sun’s website, and has averaged 11,000 registrations per day.

Freedom To Shine On Sun’s Software

At the AlwaysOn conference, Sun president Jonathan Schwartz says his company intends to make all of its software free.

Sun Weaves Deal With Interwoven

Sun Microsystems will resell Interwoven’s enterprise content management platform with the Java Enterprise System.

Sun Opens Single Sign On Code

The project, part of Sun’s Java System Access Manager, now has a roadmap to being completely open source.

Sun Fires Salvo At Microsoft, IBM RFID Initiatives

Sun recently announced a new version of its Java-based software, RFID ME, for RFID readers.

IBM Tweaks Software For Sun Hardware

“To be honest, we’ve had a little bit of a chill in our IBM relationship,” said Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s president and chief operating officer.

Sun Offer Java Student Developer Program

Sun commits $180 million USD in training, tools, research, and grants to promote Java development.

Sun Workstation Only $29.95 Per Month

A three-year subscription to Sun Services will get a developer a Sun Ultra 20 workstation as part of the deal.

Sun Opens Some Java Code For Developers

The JavaOne Conference for Java developers opens today in San Francisco, with Sun giving a welcome gift of source code to attendees.

PR Gaffe Burns Wal-Mart PR Director and Agency

Daily Telegraph: The Wal-Mart publicity manager behind an advert that equated the retail giant to victims of the Nazis has resigned. Peter Kanelos, who had overseen public relations in Arizona and southern California on behalf of Wal-Mart, left his job yesterday, a few weeks after the company apologised for its PR gaffe.

Sun Microsystems Opens Solaris Code

Tuesday, the technology company published source code for an open source version of the Solaris operating system.

PR Face2Face:Clive Armitage, CEO, Bite Communications

Clive Armitage oversees the management of Bite Communications and the development of its different business divisions.

Sun Brewing A Java Solution For The New Pope

The Holy See has chosen Sun to provide the management infrastructure for its communications.

Policies Compared: Today’s Corporate Blogging Rules

On four points, all of the eight most well-known corporate blogging policies agree — corporate bloggers are personally responsible and they should abide by existing rules, keep secrets and be nice. Those four principles are the core of today’s corporate blogging rules.

Sun Plans To Burn The Competition By Buying StorageTek

The boards of Sun Microsystems and Storage Technology Corporation or StorageTek have both approved a deal for Sun to buy StorageTek for $37 per share in cash, adding up to about $4.1 billion.

Sun Sets On StorageTek Deal

The $4.1 billion USD acquisition of the storage solution company creates a single computing and data management company.

Sun Rises With StorageTek

Sun Microsystems is buying Storage Technology Corporation or StorageTek for $37 per share in cash, adding up to about $4.1 billion. The acquisition has been approved by the boards of both companies.

Sun Records Rises Again

Agreement with eMusic lets its subscribers have access to tracks from the original rock n’ roll record label.

Sun Wanders Down The SOA Path

Sun Microsystems has made a new Service Oriented Architecture practice available to bolster SOA solutions.