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Blair and Cameron Podcast Firsts

You know podcasting has now definitely entered the mainstream when two politicians – one a Prime Minister no less, and both leaders of their parties and members of the government – use the medium in conjunction with two national newspapers to convey particular messages to voters in the UK.

Sun Giving Oracle Money
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Investors in Sun Microsystems have another reason to be concerned about the company’s direction, as Sun plans to pay the initial license fee for Oracle Enterprise Edition database software on its high-end hardware.

Sun Pres Says Blogging Impacted Its Business

In an interview for the Bacon’s Navigator, Sally Falkow writes that Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems said that blogging had played a major role in the revitalization of Sun’s reputation.

Sun Microsystems Sees Blog Benefit

Rubel reports Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems is a big fan of blogging.

Microsoft, Google, Sun Get RAD

Joint collaboration on a Reliable, Adaptive and Distributive Systems lab at UC-Berkeley has the three tech companies contributing $7.5 million toward the lab’s mission of creating freely-available web services.

When Doc Searls Blogged Jonathan Schwartz

Sun Microsystems president and COO Jonathan Schwartz and Linux Journal senior editor Doc Searls chatted at a morning Syndicate Conference session; it was a watershed moment in the ongoing discussion of blogging and business.

Java Good, Bad or Very Very Ugly

It’s yet another plug in that users hate, and there are lots of those, and Java has an even worse reputation than most.

Sun Pours Java Enterprise System 4

A new version of the company’s middleware system has come available, featuring better interoperability with products from other vendors.

Forget About Sun/Google OpenOffice
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The fevered speculation about a possible Google and Sun effort to make a hosted version of OpenOffice available should now come to an end. Finally, the two tech companies have come out and stomped on the hysteria about a hosted “Google Office” package.

Gartner Slams Sun/Google Non-announcement

Based on expectations driven by posts in Sun president/COO Jonathan Schwartz’s blog online, analysis firm Gartner was not impressed by what was disclosed.

More on the Google – Sun Microsystems Deal

Tuesday, Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt and Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy held a mid-morning press conference to announce a distribution partnership between the two online giants.

Reporters Partly Cloudy About Sun Details

At the Webcast from the Computer History Museum with Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, reporters waited anxiously for the bang. Alas, it ends not with a bang, but a whimper, albeit a big whimper.

Google And Sun Detail Collaboration

The CEOs of the two tech companies disclosed the news today during a press conference at the Computer History Museum in Google’s Mountain View backyard.

Sun Turns Up Volume Against Windows Vista and Office 12

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s COO: The Value in Volume (this was posted Saturday, and definitely teases us about what’s coming today).

First Google Earth, Now Google Sun?
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Sun Microsystems made a one-sentence announcement today that has already produced giant vibrations on Wall Street and will likely produce fault-line like tremors throughout the tech world. The announcement: they’re teaming up with Google for something to be announced tomorrow-one sentence that no doubt shook building foundations in Redmond.

Sun To Introduce Galaxy Servers

Today, Sun Microsystems is expected to introduce its new line of 64-bit network servers, which are code-named Galaxy, and use dual-core Opteron processors from AMD.

Sun Talks About X

A new series of x64 servers from Sun Microsystems will contain AMD Opteron processors and will run Solaris 10, Windows, or Linux.

Sun Launches Support Of National Health Records

The tech company will work with electronic subscription firm InstantDX on physician-based electronic health records.

Stockholders Ok with StorageTek and Sun Microsystems

StorageTek announced today their stockholder signed off on the deal for Sun Microsystems to acquire the storage technology company. Under the terms, StorageTek will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun.

New Database Packs From Sun/Oracle Resellers

Sun Microsystems and Oracle have announced the availability of new Database Packs from Sun/Oracle joint resellers.

Sun Makes DRM A Dream

Sun Microsystems has opened up its “Project DReaM,” which it wants to develop as a royalty free, open source DRM option.