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Sun To Open Java Code

Developers thriving in the open source community have been hounding Sun Microsystems for a long time to open up the code to its widely-used Web language, Java. A surprise conference announcement last week reveals that day is coming, even if not as soon as initially thought.

Sun Swings Derby Into JDK

The Java DB from the Apache Derby Project, and GroupLayout from the NetBeans GUI Builder, will be part of the Java SE 6 Development Kit.

Sun Joins OpenAJAX Alliance, Dojo Foundation

Sun Microsystems, known best for creating the Java programming language, has announced that it is joining the OpenAJAX Alliance, as well as the Dojo Foundation.

Ubuntu Linux Falls Into Sun’s Niagara

Sun Microsystems and Canonical Ltd, a sponsor of the Ubuntu Linux project, announced the operating system will be supported on the Niagara platform in the Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers.

Open-Source Java Could Pose Problem

Following the pledge of Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz to make Java open-source, others within the company are warning that incompatibilities could result. While this isn’t sure to happen, a Sun executive feels it is a strong possibility, and must be guarded against.

JavaOne Wraps Up For 2006

The 2006 version of the JavaOne Conference finished its run with a number of Calls to Action aimed at Java developers.

Sun CEO Promises To Make Java Open-Source

In a recent announcement, Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz has pledged to make Java open-source code.

JCP Awards Set For JavaOne

The Java Community Project Program Management Office disclosed the nominations for the 2006 JCP Program Annual Awards in five categories.

Sun Sees Red, Sues Azul

Sun Microsystem’s acquisition of Cobalt Networks in September 2000 has made it back into the headlines, as Sun files a lawsuit against former Cobalt and current Azul CEO Stephen DeWitt over theft of trade secrets and violation of a non-compete agreement.

Pundits Talk, People Listen

When the hockey season began this year – after the lockout – the new salary cap shook up a lot of teams.

Sun Sets On McNealy As CEO

Sun Microsystems president Jonathan Schwartz has moved up to the CEO position vacated by Scott McNealy, who will stay on as chairman of the company.

Sun Opens Up Java Studio Enterprise

Sun Microsystems plans to open source major elements of the Sun Java Studio Enterprise as a project on NetBeans.org. This new project will be released as the NetBeans Enterprise Pack.

This is Not a Numbers Business

It’s interesting being in the middle of a blogstorm. It causes interesting conversations, that’s for sure! (Even here in the halls at Microsoft).

The Sun Also Rises On MySpace

News Corp’s British tabloid The Sun will offer various online services like blogging and media sharing through a “MySun” portal powered by MySpace.

Don’t Do Evil Embraces Sun Devils

Google has established an office on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, the latest in its development of operations in Arizona.

Sun Wants To Crown A Duke

Ahead of the Java One conference, Sun has begun accepting submissions to its fourth annual Duke’s Choice awards to recognize creative uses of Java technology.

New Java Platform Beta Shines For Web Developers

Sun Microsystems announced the release of the Beta release of their new Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6). They called the effort Project Mustang. They’ve added some features and improved on others to improve developers’ Java experience.

Openwave And Sun Microsystems Work On Mobile Content

Openwave announced they’re working with Sun Microsystems in a plan to develop new content for mobile phones. The plan will integrate Openwave’s XML-based MIDAS with sun’s Java ME and will provide standards-based tools and environments to create and deliver that content.

Suns Irritated the StorageTek VARs

Sun Microsystems is shuffling around some things around the StorageTek division by switching from Bell Microproducts to Arrow Electronics’ MOCA division to move its product.

Sun Shines On Google Rumors

Google has a custom operating system in use internally, but will they have to share it when they outsource their server farms becomes the big question, at least if you believe what Sun Microsystems has to say.

Tim Reads Naked

Naked Conversations, that is. Heheh. Thanks to Tim Bray of Sun Microsystems for the nice review.