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A Model for the Social Media CEO

This past weekend, the Saturday Interview in the business section of the NY Times focused on Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun.

Online Video In The Corporate World

Video online is nothing new. In 2006 it was used mainly for entertainment purposes. Now more businesses are realizing the value of video to educate and inform customers, critics and shareholders. It is becoming an essential tool for companies to communicate their message.

Java Not True Test of Open Source Innovation

My thesis advisor keeps reminding me to frame the question correctly, otherwise the experimental results will be meaningless.

Factiva Social Media Roundtable

Some random notes and thoughts during Factive’s Social Media Rountable.

Sun Gets Press, Maintains Control

So, the news is official: (and yes, I agree with IBM’s question as to why Sun didn’t join one of the community projects focused on delivering open source implementations of Java SE, ME and EE instead of trying to build their own community.)

Matt Asay: Sun Gets it – But What is it?

Matt Asay believes that Sun’s rumored move to put the Java SE reference implementation under the GPL shows that “Sun is one of the few BigCo’s” that really gets open source.

Sun to Serve Up Free Java

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the release of Java technology as free software under the GNU General Public License version two (GPLv2). The first portions of source code for Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) will be made available today.

CEO Blogs Not Censored Yet

It seems that blogs are trying to make a transition away from the simple person-next-door chronicling their activities, moods, likes, dislikes, and thoughts to the higher profile musings and strategies of business executives who want to communicate quickly to their journalists, investors, analysts and even customers.

OpenJavaEE and OpenJDK

There’s a lot of confusion about what Sun actually intends to do when they use the term “open source java”.

15 Ways to a Killer Blog w/ the Scobles

It was day three at the Blog Business Summit and time for Fifteen Ways to a Killer Blog with Robert Scoble and Maryam Scoble.

Yahoo! Time Capsule Detours To New Mexico
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When the cops bust in, it’s time for a new place to party. College lessons weren’t lost on Yahoo! when the Mexican government put the kibosh on its alien news feed, codenamed Yahoo! Time Capsule. What’s almost as good as Mexico? How about New Mexico?

Google’s Plan To Use The Sun

Google plans to take advantage of the sun, with the installation of solar panels to deliver 30% of its power consumption.

Google Chases The Sun

The blissful warmth that caresses the Googleplex and its volleyballing, Crocs-wearing, code-crunching Googlers will power 30 percent of the peak energy consumption at its headquarters through the largest installation of solar panels on any US corporate campus. And it will be bigger than the solar installation used at Microsoft’s Mountain View outpost, too.

Sun Preps Blackbox; Google Rumors To Follow

Sun Microsystems has a datacenter in a shipping container, called Project Blackbox, on the verge of being officially announced. We have seen such a construct mentioned elsewhere.

Yahoo To Pester Aliens With Earth News

You gotta hand it to Yahoo. When they do a publicity stunt, they do it right. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company plans to beam a digitized time capsule into space from an ancient Mexican pyramid.

Which Java certification should i choose?

Sun Java Certification exams are the best way to demonstrate your skills in Java technologies. These certifications are industry recognized and worldwide programs that focus on critical job roles in software application development and enterprise architecture.

Sun Polishes JRuby For Purchase

The two developers working on JRuby, a project to enable Ruby on the Java Virtual Machine, now work for Sun Microsystems.

Google Party Plane Lawsuits Settled
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The legal dispute between Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Oklahoma designer Leslie Jennings over the so-called “party plane” has been settled, according to a report in the New York Sun.

Sun Picks Firm For PostgreSQL Support

EnterpriseDB will provide technical support and professional services & training to Sun Microsystems for its PostgreSQL distribution, which is integrated into Solaris 10.

Sun Should Use apt

It’s funny, when I read Tim Bray saying this:

Sun and Avnet Strike Distribution Deal

Sun Microsystems and Avnet Technology Solutions announced a distribution agreement to offer the complete line of Sun StorageTek products to Avnet partners. Such an announcement has been expected since Sun acquired StorageTek last year.