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Sun To Acquire MySQL

The open source database supports sites like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, and provides Sun with a “full stack” it can offer customers.

MSN Money Wants Its Day In The Sun

Overcoming the inertia that keeps people going to other financial sites confronts Chris Jolley, group manager at Microsoft’s Financial Products Group, every day. He believe MSN Money deserves a look.

Microsoft To Launch Live Search 2.0
"Microsoft Live Search 2.0 get its public day in the sun on September 26”, reports Mary "An unblinking eye on Microsoft" Jo Foley.

“I’ve gotten a few tips about Live Search enhancements upon which Microsoft has been laboring — some of which might be discussed or shown at the upcoming Searchification event. Tipsters have said to watch for:

Sun Doing Windows

From the InfoWorld story about Sun OEMing Windows Server with the Sun Fire server line for customers that want to use Windows.

Conversation with Sun`s ZFS Inventors

Smart dudes. 45 minutes. Talking about Sun Microsystems’ ZFS. File storage system that’s used on a ton of datacenter computers and is rumored to be used in a future version of OSX.

SCO Thwarted In Unix Decision

A federal judge ruled the copyrights to the Unix operating system belong to Novell, not SCO, after years of aggressive litigation by SCO.

What are Tech Bloggers Good for?

Dare Obasanjo asks “what are those A-list technology bloggers good for?”

He’s absolutely right! (I’ve been saying that a lot today — I’m in a very agreeable mood).

Sun Markets Blackbox Through YouTube

Sun Microsystems torture-tested its Project Blackbox portable datacenter by subjecting it to a simulated earthquake, and put the video up on YouTube to show how it fared.

NY Politicians Argue Over Google Earth
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New York politicians appear to be at odds over just how dangerous Google Earth might be; Assemblyman Mike Gianaris is asking Google to blur out images of “sensitive” sites, while Mayor Michael Bloomberg feels such efforts may not be the best use of time.  

Marketing Personality
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Chad White has a great blog today on Email Insider called "Personality Goes a Long Way." Lots of people have written about this before, but Chad has great examples all taken from e-mail marketing, which has always seemed to have less personality than blogs, for example.

Here are Chad’s three big ideas, which I heartily endorse:

Java’s Weapon to Kill Flash, Ajax, SilverLight

Java has long failed to woo Internet users on the client front-end. Flash was ruling it for years; but with the recent announcement of SilverLight from Microsoft, Sun could no longer stay behind. So, they are trying again with a consumer-flavored Java – JavaFX.

Social Media – Target Demographics

Social targeting is quickly becoming a benchmark with advertisers and publishers… not because it is a key to the golden gates of marketing 101, but because online consumers are adopting search behaviors to understand where they will find like-minded people. This adoption curve is creating thriving and multiplying social circles that are interconnected on the basis of common interest.

Business rules & “Dependency Injection”

Nik Malik posted here on why he thinks a pattern known as "dependency injection" beats out rules engines.

Ian Of Debian Will Sun Himself

Ian Murdock of the Debian project will move into the world of Solaris as he joins Sun Microsystems as Chief Operating Platforms Officer.

The Marketing Tactic That Gets 5 Stars

Quick: Which online marketing technique, according to Foresee Results, is used by 72 percent of the top Internet retailers and is the most influential factor in purchase for 39% of all buyers? The answer is customer ratings and reviews.

So why aren’t you using them on your site?

How Good of a Blog Writer are You?

Two nights ago I got upset about something and did one of the two curious things I tend to do when I get

Manufacturers and Product Reviews

Last year I talked about the Three R’s of Web Marketing, to be real, relevant, and responsive. But the truth is that being real is challenging. Let’s take a real-life example—do you expect product manufacturers to post product reviews?

We’ve all seen customer-posted product ratings and reviews on retail Web sites. Amazon’s got ‘em. Shopping comparison engines do, too. And customers love to read them.

EDM and IT Operations

I saw an interesting article on DM Direct (DM Review‘s email newsletter) today – Leveraging Decision Automation in Database Administration.

Groovy News: Sun Throws Woodstock

Project Woodstock from Sun Microsystems arrives as a new open source project for developing enterprise-level web applications.

Validating Open Source IP Indemnity

Roberto writes that Sun has agreed to include an Italian dictionary and thesaurus (from the Italian Native-Lang Project team) in the official OpenOffice.org distro. Congrats to Roberto & team!

Be Careful with Facebook

Facebook is a great service – my 17-year-old daughter and all her friends use it (I have an account too), and so does my cousin who is at McGill University in Montreal, where she engages in the typical sort of debauchery expected of second-year college students, and then posts pictures of said debauchery on her site for all her friends to see.

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