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Real Time Search Still Just a Concept
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We caught up with Michael Gray at SMX Advanced in Seattle and talked a little bit about realtime search.  Now, realtime search is one of those super buzzy concepts that meets all the criteria as the ‘Next Big Thing’.  It’s so big, Google is supposed to be afraid of it.  It’s so awesome, it’s going to change politics in the Middle East. Why, the way people are going on, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I got up in the morning and realtime search already had my coffee ready.

Twitter Homepage Search Could Test Google
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Update: Mark Carey has created a script using Greasemonkey that allows users to put Twitter Search Results directly in Google Results. He shares the following screenshot:

CNN Brings Twitter Mainstream
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You might say we’ve developed a bit of a fascination with Twitter, what with all the coverage and launching our own Twitter people directory, Twellow. Now that even CNN’s talking about Twitter, we’re reminded we were once fascinated by another upstart before it went mainstream: Google.

Rumors Circulating That Twitter Has Bought Summize And Stable

Just when you thought Twitter was a dead duck, a flurry of news suggests there’s life in the old bird yet!

Twitter (Maybe) Buying Summize

A rumor pops its head out this morning that Twitter is negotiating to buy Summize, a search engine allowing users to dig through tweets on Twitter. Before we continue, let’s take a moment to appreciate the quality snark emanating from David Fry via Twitter rival FriendFeed: One company with no revenue buys another company with no revenue and whose existence depends on the first company?