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Google Summer Of Code Applications Sought

College students with programming skills should start thinking about whether taking a long break or slaving away at a retail store is really the best way to spend this summer.  A certain search giant announced today that it’s now accepting …

Google Summer Of Code Reflections
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Yesterday, we reported that this year’s Summer of Code had come to an end.  Google provided a lot of statistics about the program, and the whole thing sounded very impressive.  Today, we got the chance to talk to a student who was actually involved.

Another Google Summer Of Code Concludes
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Google’s fifth Summer of Code has ended, and by all accounts, it was quite a success.  Indeed, the students’ official success rate this year was judged to be the highest ever, and with 2,000 mentors and 1,000 students participating, that’s no statistical fluke.

The Summer of Code is, in case you didn’t know, a program Google runs to bring young people into contact with free and open source projects.  Accepted students are given a choice between many different projects (there were 150 options this year), along with mentors and stipends.

Students Invited To Google Summer Of Code
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It’s no secret that the job market is less than robust right now, and things look especially grim for people who don’t have their feet wedged in some doors.  Fortunately, Google Summer of Code 2009 is swooping in to give students all sorts of great opportunities.

Matt Cutts Suggests Summer Of Code Projects

There’s still some time before any deadlines relating to the 2008 Google Summer of Code pass.  So, in the event you’re looking for ideas, Matt Cutts has suggested 21 possible projects.

Google Preps For Summer Of Code

Some people will be interested, and some people won’t.  But for those who are, it’s time to start getting ready for the 2008 Google Summer of Code.

Google Code Offers Midterm Reports

The Summer of Code continues at Google, which presented a midterm report on the state of the project during the recently-held OSCON 2006.

Google Sponsoring 630 For Summer Of Code
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One hundred and one projects covering operating systems, content management, programming languages, and other open source areas will occupy the 630 students selected to participate in Google’s Summer of Code.

Google Summer of Code Search for Python…

Google is looking for students from undergrad through the Ph.D levels to work on new open source code and to act as project mentors.

Google Summer Of Code 2006

Google has announced their second annual Summer of Code, with 49 organizations mentoring student developers who want to work together on some cool open source projects.