Customized Ordering Gets Customized Patent Suits

Customized Ordering Gets Customized Patent Suits

By WebProNews Staff September 7, 2007

Hyundai, Reebok, Puma, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Michelin are all being sued by the same company for patent infringement. The patent involves technology that allows customers to customize products on the companies’ websites. But it’s not just the scale of the suit that will get attention, but also the timing, and who’s bringing it.

LeBron James Suits Up For MSN

Charles Barkley proclaimed that he wasn’t a role model, nor did he want to be one. LeBron James, conversely, is choosing to embrace the influential position he holds as a direct result of his NBA superstardom.

The three-time all star for the Cleveland Cavaliers announced on Monday that he would be participating in a venture from MSN that will portray the basketball phenom’s journey from humble beginnings to athletic fame and fortune, all in a storybook format geared toward children and teens.

Online Libel Suits

t looks like the Supreme Court has ruled protection over online libel suits.

Another Geeks and Suits Rumble

It is a truth held to be self-evident among IT professionals: geeks are from Krypton, suits are from Uranus. The antipathy between members of the code is poetry tribe and the non-IT managers for whom they often work is so common and all-prevailing that it has even become a marketing cliche-like the obnoxious propeller head in the CDW commercials who is always one-upping the guys from the Dilbert cubicles.

The Suits vs. the Geeks

I’m sitting with a bunch of suits right now. It’s the Savvis Web 2.0 conference. Almost all men. A large percentage of whom are older than me.

SEO Benefits for Online Shopping Sites

Having worked at a J.Crew store awhile back and now working as a project manager at a reputable SEO firm, I want to shine some light on how heavily branded and well-recognized retail shopping sites can benefit from SEO.

Microsoft Settling California Antitrust Suits

The technology company will make $70 million in vouchers available to several municipal governments in California that complained of being overcharged by Microsoft.

Teens, Suits Favor IM

While instant messaging has increased across all user ages, teens in particular have been sending a lot more IMs than email; business users send nearly a billion IMs each workday.

Microsoft Fits Eight Firms For Piracy Suits

Microsoft has filed eight lawsuits in five states against firms accused of selling pirated or counterfeit copies of Windows.

Microsoft Indemnifies Partners From Intellectual Property Suits

The software and game console company will provide uncapped coverage for legal fees and a broader range of claims protection for its partners.

Nanotech Suits Repel Pollen

Engineering advances in fabrics and nanotechnology lead to a fabric that can brush away pollen.

Westar Energy Settles Shareholder Suits

Westar Energy has reached an agreement in principle to settle pending shareholder securities class action and shareholder derivative lawsuits related to actions that occurred under former management.