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Google Suggest Dissected

Slashdot points to a bright chap named Chris, who has managed to dissect the code behind Google’s new “Suggest” tool.

Read People’s Minds with Google

Google has launched a new tool called Google Suggest that will suggest search terms as you type them.

Search Engine Wars: After the Smoke Clears Who’s Still Standing?
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There have been a lot of changes on the search engine front in the past year; so many that it’s hard to keep track of who’s still a major player, and who isn’t. With so many services turning to “Pay for Submission” and “Pay per Click” models, there aren’t a lot left that still accept free submissions. And of those that do, it’s hard to tell exactly which ones are worth your time.

10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Website
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At times, website promotion can seem confusingly complicated. There seem to be so many, sure-fire new ways to get thousands of hits to your site. Whilst some of these methods work, most just waste your time.