Live Search FireFox Add-On Gets Suggestions

Live Search FireFox Add-On Gets Suggestions

By Chris Crum January 30, 2009 | 4 Comments

If you’re a Firefox user that is also a fan of Microsoft’s Live Search, you will be happy to know that the Live Search add-on for Firefox has brought autosuggestions to the browser.

I’m sure you’re familiar with search suggestions. All the major search engines have them. You start typing and it gives you a list of possible queries.

Software Co. Suggests A Lawsuit To Google

Belgian software company ServersCheck is suing Google in a Belgian court claiming that Google’s Suggest feature as utilized on the Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer and Firefox leads searchers to illegal or cracked versions of the company’s software.

Google News Suggest

Google added some Google Suggest technology to Google News.

Google Suggest Has News For You

In the spirit of the one-touch automatic car window, Google software engineer Jon McAlister has brought the Google Suggest function to Google News so news seekers can save the carpel tunnel and put their impatience to better practice.

Blog Optimization
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There’s all sorts of buzz about blogs lately and yet so many companies are still wondering what to do about it.

Google Toolbar Adds New Tools

Another beta version of Google’s Toolbar arrived on the company’s servers, just waiting for download and testing by its user base.

Who You Are According To Google

A Google search can be a good barometer of how pervasive some stereotypes are in the world. If a search spider could sum up a nationality, a race, a religion in a few words, what would it say? What are Americans known for? What are the Europeans like?

Amazon’s Reviews Are Now Searchable

Amazon.com has made its 10-year-old database of consumer reviews completely searchable!

What Does Google Suggest About You?

Google Suggest, in mind reader twin soul fashion, will finish your sentences for you. But you may be shocked when those sentences finish as racist remarks echoed by millions of others.

Oodle Launches Classified Search Engine For College Students
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Attention college students: are you tired of the never-ending hunt for potential careers and other classified-related searches? Do you need a tool that can make these tasks easier to accomplish? If so, Oodle may just be the site you are looking for.

Lycos, Yahoo Provide Katrina Missing Person Search

Metasearch offerings from Yahoo and Lycos sift through a number of missing person sites that arose after Hurricane Katrina.

Customize Google And Gmail
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Add Google Suggest to the Google homepage; Remove Ads from Google; Auto-save emails in Gmail, while you type; Gmail delete button, to easily delete messages; Make all “mailto:” links point to Gmail…

Building a Suggest List with XMLHttpRequest

Avoid huge dropdowns! This tutorial shows how to dynamically create a suggest list as long as the user fills a form field.

Google Has A Suggestion For You

There’s another Google search page that looks just like Google.com, but it can offer you search term suggestions based on what you are keying into the search box.

Snap Adds Suggest

John Battelle reports that Bill Gross’ excellent Snap.com search engine now has a suggest feature, where as you type, it suggests possible searches.

Respect for Web Developers

Back when I was first paid to build web-based applications (around 1998 or so), the world of Web Development as we know it today did not exist.

Matt Cutts On Google Suggests

Today I used the new Google Suggests tool to perform a vanity check on my name. When typing in “Jason Dow” I soon realized that the results …