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Kate Mara and Her Role in the Fantastic Four Reboot

Coming off of her performance as Zoe Barnes in the Netflix series House of Cards, Kate Mara is now stepping into comic book fame as she prepares for her role in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. The film, directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle), will exist in the same world as the X-Men film series. Based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four …

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Kate Mara: What You Need To Know About Your New Girl Crush

Kate Mara has been acting longer than most people realize; the cool redhead may have been one of those girls you spot in a film and think is familiar a couple of years ago, but ever since her creepy/crazy turn on “American Horror Story” season 1–and her brilliant portrayal of a young, ambitious journalist on “House of Cards”–Mara’s star is …

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