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Sue Decker Defends Yahoo-Google Ad Deal

The Yahoo-Google search ad deal isn’t so bad, according to Sue Decker.  People who dislike it just need to become better acquainted with the terms.  And Yahoo can always leave if something better turns up.

Yahoo In Ad Deal With Walmart.com
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Yahoo said today that it has entered into a multi-year relationship for online display and video advertising with Walmart.com

The deal will allow Wal-Mart to use Yahoo’s advertising platform to present new offers to online customers. Yahoo will be the exclusive portal to resell Walmart.com’s display inventory.

Yahoo’s Sue Decker Gets Impressive Pay Raise

It’s only natural that a pay bump would accompany a promotion.  The bump looks more like a boulder in the case of Sue Decker, however, who will get paid $815,000 instead of her previous $500,000.

Yahoo Pulls On The Reorg Boots

One executive moves out, another gains a little more power, and a new division comes into being, as co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang’s reorganization efforts reshuffle Yahoo.

Hey, yeah…Why Isn’t Decker CEO?
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Yahoo’s Sue Decker isn’t CEO for a reason, at least, that’s what the Scobleizer says.

Yahoo: The Next Day

The morning after Yahoo’s Terry Semel resigned the CEO task has founder Jerry Yang doing two interim jobs and newly minted president Sue Decker a step closer to the top.

Semel Resigns, Yang and Decker Take Over Yahoo

Less than a week after Yahoo CEO Terry Semel assured incensed shareholders he had enough "fire in [his] belly" to bring Yahoo out of its slump, Semel has announced his resignation.