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Subservient Chicken Is Back After 10 Years To Haunt Your Dreams Again

Subservient Chicken is one of the strangest marketing campaigns to have ever existed. Back in 2004, Burger King introduced us all to a man in a chicken suit that would respond to commands typed into a web page. It was kind of creepy and all kinds of voyeuristic. It was even weirder when its sole purpose was to sell chicken …

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Subservient Chicken Returns to Burger King

Subservient Chicken, the star of a hugely successful Burger King marketing campaign from 2004, is set to make a comeback this Wednesday morning. Burger King created the Subservient Chicken website ten years ago to promote the release of a chicken sandwich and the site had 100 million hits within two weeks. The Subservient Chicken is an interactive take on the …

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