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Selfie In Front Of A Train? That’s A Paddlin’

It was a delightful afternoon, Michael thought. Taking selfies with equipment he bought. So he stood by a train, which caused him some pain. “My face did the boot it did caught.” Enter Doofus McGee, AKA Jared Michael. In the YouTube video you see above, in the description box, Michael typed: “I tried to take a selfie while a train …

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Google Is Trying to Trademark the Word ‘Glass’, Currently Having Some Issues

Google is attempting (and currently failing) to trademark the word ‘Glass’, in reference to their Google Glass wearable tech. Most of you will probably find joy in half of that statement. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is currently holding up their application for the trademark, citing a couple of main objections. “That’s effing stupid” not being one of …

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George Zimmerman: “Artistic” Copyright Infringer?

In a perfect world, someone fortunate enough to be acquitted of gunning down an unarmed teen and who has charges dropped after apparently threatening his girlfriend with a rifle would fade into obscurity, never to be either heard from or about ever again. But as with Casey Anthony, Florida continues to deliver in the form of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, who …

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Snorting Smarties: The New Dumb Thing For Kids To Do

It seems with every generation with too much time on its hands, some of them are going to think of some not-so bright ways to spend their time. They plank. They burn themselves with salt and ice. (No seriously.) And now we have middle schoolers…snorting Smarties. Wait, what?! Why would kids be trying to smoke/snort a crunched up version of …

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#Riccing Is Probably Going to Get Someone Killed, Or at the Very Least Stuck Somewhere

Say what you want about Tebowing, but at least it never involved shoving yourself in a clothes dryer. It looks like there’s a new selfie trend brewing thanks to actress Christina Ricci and her tiny frame. It’s called #Riccing, and it all started when Ricci took to Twitter to show that “being small does have its benefits.” Something about my …

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5 Doors That Sound Like Other Things

Because it’s Friday and because why not, below are some YouTube clips of doors (of all kinds) that sound like other things. Each artistic door below perfectly (debatable) impersonates something or someone from the world of pop culture. We’ve got a famous jazz artist, a video game character, a popular film character, and more. Everyone loves impressions, right? Check them …

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