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‘WipEout’ Studio Back in Action as Firesprite

Over one year ago, Sony shut down its oldest first-party studio, Studio Liverpool. The studio was over 25 years old when it closed, founded as Psygnosis before being acquired by Sony in 1993. In more recent years the studio was best known for its Formula 1, Colony Wars, and WipEout games. At the time, Sony pinned the studio closure on …

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Steven Spielberg Warns of Movie Industry Meltdown

As one of the most successful directors in Hollywood history, Steven Spielberg‘s opinions are often taken as fact by aspiring film directors. What happens, then, when Spielberg warns of impending doom in the film industry? Just that happened this week, as Spielberg warned film students of a coming “implosion” in the industry. According to The Independent, Spielberg was speaking at …

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Movie Theaters Want to Cut Lengthy, Spoiler-Filled Trailers

Despite the fact that I’ve seen every movie trailer online way before I see them inside the movie theater nowadays – I still kind of like watching trailers at the cinema. Maybe it’s nostalgia – it’s always been like that. The lights go dark, you watch a few trailers, and finally your movie comes on. That’s the experience. But there’s …

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