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Top 10 Subject Line Words That Get Opens

Email list manager provider MailerMailer released its bi-annual Email Marketing Metrics Report (pdf) recently. The report revealed what the company claims to be the most popular words used in subject lines, with regards to attracting readers to open the message.

According to MailerMailer’s report, the top ten words are:

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Following Up with Website Abandoners

SeeWhy shared some interesting findings from a survey of over 150 Google Analytics about website abandonment. They discussed "post session remarketing" and say it is going to grow rapidly.

Post session remarketing is basically going after individual users who have abandoned your site. "Of all the techniques out there, remarketing in real-time (thru e-mail specifically) is set to grow 152 percent," a representative for SeeWhy tells WebProNews.

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Online Opinions One of Most Trusted Forms of Advertising

Nielsen released some interesting findings from a study (pdf) on consumer trust and advertising. The most important takeaway is that consumer opinions posted online are the most trusted forms of advertising globally.

Right off the bat, this tells me that:

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Study: Most People Go Online to Socialize

I probably don’t have to tell you that people are very interested in socializing online these days. New research from PR Agency Ruder Finn shows that 72% of people go online just to become part of a community.

If that’s not a testimonial for social media marketing, I don’t know what is. The agency’s research is actually a look at online behavior and user intent.

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Getting the Media to Cover Your Business

Arketi Group has released findings of a study on how journalists use the Internet. The web provides a great many resources to both online and offline journalists. Here are some ways that most journalists use the web:

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Teen Media Habits Surprising to Some

Nielsen recently shared some findings from its report (pdf) on how teens use media. Interestingly enough, the results don’t live up to the stereotypical "teens are always texting" scenario.

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Top CEOs Not Big On Social Media

ÜBERCEO is sharing the results of some research, indicating that social media is not much of a priority among Fortune 100 CEOs. In fact, it’s barely existent within their own practices.

Most of these CEOs are not twittering. They’re not on Facebook, or even on LinkedIn – the social network, which caters specifically to professional relationships. The study looked at Fortune’s 2009 list of the top 100 CEOs to determine how many were using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, or had a blog.

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Ads Generating Interest, But Not Influence

Harris Interactive and AdWeek are sharing the results of a survey that looks at the interest-level and influence associated with advertising (in all formats) with relation to different age groups and incomes. The research indicates that overall, ads appear to be generating interest, but are not influencing purchase decisions.

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Google Analyzes Rich Media Ad Effectiveness

Google’s DoubleClick is presenting findings from a new study it commissioned with Dynamic Logic,  this afternoon at the ARF Conference. The study, titled, "The Brand Value of Rich Media and Video Ads (pdf)," analyzes image (gif/jpg), simple Flash, and rich media (with and without video) ad formats.

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Survey: 62% Prefer iPods to the Environment

The Shelton Group has released some interesting survey results showing that the majority of Americans would like to "go green," but not at the expense of their own convenience. It’s not that the results are particularly surprising, but they are interesting in that they are broken down into what percentage of participants would be willing to give up what devices if they could help the environment.

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Email Marketing on the Rise

New research suggests that email marketing in the US will reach $2 billion by 2014. This isn’t exactly in line with research from JupiterRearch earlier this year, which suggested $2.1 billion in 2012, but it’s looking good for the industry nonetheless.

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Is the Twitter Hype Drawing to a Close?

Is Twitter’s hype drawing to a close? Has there always been as much merit to Twitter as hype anyway? These are the kinds of questions being tossed around as more and more information becomes available indicating that Twitter may not be as popular as many of us thought it was.

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Wonder What Percentage of Tweets are Retweets?

HubSpot is the latest organization to release a study on Twitter usage, and shockingly manages to give us some insight that we have not really seen yet this week.

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US Online Ad Revenue at $5.5 Billion in Q1

Internet advertising revenues in the US reached $5.5 billion for the first quarter. This is according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers. This is a 5% decline from a year ago.

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Time Spent On Facebook Up 700%

Research from Nielsen shows that time spent on Facebook is up 700% from a year ago (that’s April ’08 to April ’09). Meanwhile, MySpace has experienced -31% year-over-year growth.

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Study Looks at What Works for Building Email Lists

Some interesting research conducted by ExactTarget, Ball State University and the Email Marketers Club was released this week, looking at the list growth tactics for identifying the most effective and fastest growing approaches to building email lists.

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Web Analytics Market to Reach Nearly $1 Billion in US

Research from Forrester indicates that the US Web Analytics Market is on track to reach nearly a billion dollars by 2014. Forrester attributes this to a need for marketing organizations to be more accountable to businesses.

Also at play is a shift in marketing budgets’ allocation for interactive channels, for the purpose of matching consumers’ migration online, the firm notes. The market is expected to grow to $953 million by 2014, which would be a 17% compound annual growth rate.

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Kids/Teens Drawn to Virtual Worlds, Not Marketers

What do you get when you cross a video-game with social networking? Virtual worlds – and they’re no joke, particularly with younger generations who are immersing themselves in increasing numbers.

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Firefox Gaining Ground on IE in Europe

The AT Internet Institute has shared some interesting findings regarding web browser use across Europe. To make a long story short, Firefox use is growing, and Internet Explorer use is shrinking.

IE still has the lead by a wide margin, but if this keeps up, who knows how long that will last. The AT Internet Institute measured traffic distribution registered on sites websites for 23 countries.

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Mobile Internet Has Grown by 74% in 2 Years

Research from Nielsen shows that the global mobile Internet market grew 74% between February 2007 and February 2009. This is largely due to the expansion of smartphones and the availability of unlimited data packages.

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Yahoo Uncovers New Demographics Based on Email Habits

Yahoo Research released an interesting report this month characterizing individual communication patterns. The report is based upon a study that looked specifically at what times of the day people regularly communicated through email, and found that demographics can be pulled away from this information.

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Majority Use Social Media Marketing, Still Have Questions

Social Media MarketingAuthor and WebProNews Blog Partner Michael Stelzner, has put together an interesting report based on a survey of 900 marketers. The report looks at the state of social media marketing. Interesting stats from the report include:

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Study Looks at Advertiser Investments in Online Ad Networks

Results from an ad Network Study from Collective Media show that interactive agencies and advertisers continue to use and invest in online ad networks despite the current downturn in the economy.

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Study: Businesses Missing Out On Important Social Media Metric

An interesting study from Tealium has revealed that businesses are grossly under-counting their social media and PR traffic. The reason for this is that they are not measuring their "view-through" traffic according to the firm.

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Report Reveals Interesting Findings on Web Apps

Wakoopa has been collecting information related to social networks and applications on the web, and they have a new report that reveals some interesting findings.

For one, Twitter continues to grow rapidly. This isn’t news to anyone, but as its growth continued through the entire first quarter, it saw a particularly big jump in March. As far as apps, Tweetdeck ranked first among users who posted updates to Twitter via desktop with Twhirl a close second.

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Vertical Ad Network Audiences More Engaged

Research from comScore shows that vertical ad networks – those that target ads to specific online audiences based on demographic or category content (not unlike our own iEntry Network) – are increasing their reach.

Of those networks tracked by the research firm, the collective reach has increased from 21.5% of the total US Internet audience to 57.1% in a year’s time from March ’08 to March ’09.

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Report Looks at Ad Requests for iPhone vs Android

Mobile advertising platform AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report looking at statistics for the month of March. It highlights some interesting trends in smartphone applications.

AdMob serves ads for over 6,000 web sites and 1,000 apps and stores and analyzes the data from each ad request, impression, and click. The report is intended to provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem.

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Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing

A recent study from Ball State University, the Email Marketer’s Club and ExactTarget found that only 13% of email marketers are integrating social media into their campaigns. However, 46% of them intend to do so this year.

The study surveyed 351 email marketers and researched the habits of large brands like Carmex, TripAdvisor, and Papa John’s. Each of these has been successful in their efforts to include social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Digg in their campaigns.

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Many Email Marketers Not Tracking Campaigns

A recent study from eROI shows that 18% of email marketers in the US are not tracking their campaigns. The research comes from a survey of over 500 email marketers with the intention of gaining insight into trends and use of analytics in email.

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TV Still Dominates Media Consumption

Nielsen has shared results of its "State of the Media" research. Not that this fact is surprising, but television is still the most preferred gateway for media consumption.

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Increase Online Video Viewing by 40%

Research conducted by PLYmedia shows that subtitles in online videos increase the the amount of time a user spends watching them by 40%. Furthermore, in a comparison between subtitled videos to identical videos without subtitles, PLYmedia found that the videos with subtitles were watched 91% to completion, compared with 66% to completion for those without subtitles.

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Google Shows Paid Search/TV Relationship

Google has conducted a study looking at how paid search affects TV viewing habits. The results are pretty interesting.

Adam StewartAdam Stewart, Google’s Industry Director for Media & Entertainment tells WebProNews that the research confirms that paid search is an effective way to build traffic for a network’s website and, as a result, increase viewership for content like online video.

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Study Looks at Video Viewing Demographics

A study from Nielsen and Ball State University found that 45-54 year-olds are the top consumers of video media. The study ran over the course of a year.

Data was gathered from traditional TVs (including DVD/VCR and DVR viewing), computers, mobile devices and other small screens like in-cinema movies, GPS and display screens outside of the home. Some key findings include:

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1 in 5 Google Visits Come from Browser Search Box

AT Internet Institute released its monthly Search Engine Barometer for the month of February, revealing some interesting findings. For one – one out of every five Google visits is attributed to the browser search bar. That’s 20.1% of Google visits – three times more than Live Search (7%) and ten times more than Yahoo (2.3%).

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Smartphone Usage Continues to Grow Despite Economy

Mobile advertising marketplace AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report looking at statistics for the month of February. It highlights some interesting trends in Smartphone Market Share.

Even in the current economic climate, smartphones managed to continue to gain significant market share on a global scale over the past six months. This market share rose from 26% to 33% in February.

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A Slow Year For Web Traffic (So Far)

AT Internet Institute has provided some interesting data looking into the evolution of web traffic. So far growth is slow this year.

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Digital Coupons Rising in Popularity

Digital coupons have experienced tremendous growth in popularity over the last year or so. According to research from Nielsen, not only are more people going to the sites, but the average amount of time spent there has increased as well.

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Behavioral Targeting Gaining Public Acceptance

Truste Has released the findings of a very interesting survey it conducted regarding behavioral targeting. It turns out that consumers’ comfort level with the concept is going up.

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Career Development Sites See Surge in Seniors

While visits to online career development websites continue to grow, fuelled by fears of job security and increased layoffs, there’s one particular age group that has grown faster than others.

Visits to career development websites grew 20% YoY, according to Nielsen, rising 41.5 million visitors in January 2008 to just under 50 million in January this year.

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Mobile Local Search Advertising to Reach $1.3 Billion?

Shortcovers on iPhoneThe number of people using mobile devices to get content is on the way up.

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TV Ad Estimates from Google

It appears that television advertising is following a different trend than many have expected. Advertising Age is citing data from a recent study (due out soon) from Nielsen indicating that its doing better than ever. Some may find this a bit surprising with the increasing popularity of DVRs and online video.

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Not a Bad Month for Microsoft Live Search

Microsoft didn’t have too bad a month of search in January. As Doug reported, comScore had Live Search’s market share rising from 8.3 to 8.5 percent.

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Report: Yahoo Web Analytics Beats Google in Key Areas

CMS Watch, which evaluates and reports on content-related technologies, has issued a report saying that Yahoo Web AnalyticsYahoo Web Analytics (formerly IndexTools) is better than Google Analytics in a number of key areas.

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The Online Video Picture in Germany

comScore today provided some interesting insight into online video use in Germany. Among their findings was that the country had 28 million online video viewers watching over 3 billion videos in December.

Google sites completely dominated the market share at 51%. 1.7 billion videos were viewed on YouTube alone over the month. Here’s a look at where other web properties ranked:

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Accessibility Information Webmasters Can Use

Web Accessibility organization WebAIM has posted results from an interesting survey on the use of screen readers. Webmasters should pay attention to this, as accessibility is an important part of your online presence, but is often ignored or overlooked. Just ask Target, who settled an accessibility lawsuit last year for $6 million.

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Twitter Hot in UK, Overshadowed by Plurk in Singapore

Twitter has entered the top 100 most visited websites in the UK according to Hitwise. It came in at number 91 beating out Expedia UK, Gumtree, easyJet, Digital Spy, and Money Supermarket, which Hitwise research director Robin Goad refers to as "online heavyweights."

Twitter traffic has multiplied by 27 over the last year, and this is only the main site. It doesn’t take into account access via third party applications or mobile phones.

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Online Advertising in Australia Grows 27% in 2008

Online Advertising in Australia hasn’t been doing too bad. In fact, according the Online Advertising Expenditure Report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online advertising dollars in Australia have risen 27% to $1.7 billion over 2008.

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Real-Time Mobile Video Headed Toward Mainstream

An interesting report has been released today indicating that US mobile operators and equipment vendors support the drive toward real-time video, projected to become more mainstream in the US market over the coming years. The report is based on a poll from consulting firm Ovum of top US mobile operators, smaller/regional wireless carriers and mobile application developers.

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Web Video Advertising Ready for Takeoff

Contentinople Insider has released a report looking at the web video boom, and traffic to sites that offer video has taken off tremendously. This means that we will likely see a massive shift in web video advertising in the approaching future.

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Global Internet Audience: One Billion and Counting

comScore is reporting that the total global Internet audience (age 15 and older from home and work computers) has surpassed 1 billion visitors in December 2008. Take a look at what share of that is in what region:

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Report: LinkedIn Better for Enterprises Than Facebook

CMS WatchCMS Watch has released a report suggesting that LinkedIn is moving more rapidly to address enterprise social computing needs. While Facebook received much of the buzz in this area a year ago, LinkedIn is more appealing in an enterprise scenario, it implies.

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59% of 100 Leading Retailers are on Facebook

Independent interactive marketing agency Rosetta released a study today that shows that 59% of 100 leading retailers have fan pages on Facebook. This is a testament to how social media is truly consuming the way businesses market themselves.

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Employees Overwhelmingly Confident About Layoffs

Employees in the U.S. seem to overwhelmingly share a "it won’t happen to me" attitude when it comes to losing jobs. has released results from a survey, which found that 4 out of 5 employees have no concerns about being laid off in the next six months.

GlassDoor breaks it down into two categories – companies that have reported upcoming layoffs, and companies that have not:

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Another Example That Internet Advertising is Holding Strong

There has been a lot of talk about the online advertising industry being in trouble because of the economy, yet we continue to see example after example of the contrary. The latest example is highlighted by VentureBeat, and concerns ad network Glam Media, which despite making job cuts earlier in the year, is still seeing growth in advertising:

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Looking at Online Video Trends

As you are no doubt aware, online video has experienced a tremendous year in 2008 in terms of growth and usage. I have personally documented a fair amount of the happenings in the industry over the year myself.

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Top Searches for In-Demand Gifts

Hitwise has released some data taking a look at search queries of holiday shoppers looking to locate hard-to-find gifts online. You know, those toys that are in demand. Every holiday season has (at leas) one. Once upon a time it was the "Tickle-Me Elmo". Last year it was the Nintnedo Wii. This year it’s…well, still the Nintendo Wii, among some others.

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Nielsen: People Watching More TV Than Ever

Americans are gluing themselves to the screen more and more. That includes TV, Internet, and Mobile. According to research from Nielsen, as of the third quarter 2008, the average person in the U.S. watched approximately 142 hours of TV in one month.  In addition, people who used the Internet were online 27 hours a month, and people who used a mobile phone spent 3 hours a month watching mobile video.

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Don’t Write Online Advertising’s Obituary Just Yet

Despite the prophecies of some online media moguls, online advertising isn’t looking that bad off. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP announced today that Internet advertising revenues have reached nearly $5.9 billion for the third quarter of 2008. That’s up 11% from the previous year.

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Why Yahoo News Was Number One on Election Night

You may have heard that Yahoo News was the most popular site on the night of the United States Presidntial Election ten days ago. Now comScore has confirmed this along with some numbers for other sources making up the top five:

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Simplicity and Search Quality Go Hand in Hand

Google respects simplicity. That’s clear based on the design of their home page (assuming you don’t use iGoogle). It’s changed very little since the beginning. It’s simple, clean, and familiar. A field study from Google into the search habits of users has made it even more clear that simplicity reigns supreme when it comes to search.

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The Difference in Holiday Growth: Online and Off

As the holidays approach, are people going to do their shopping online or off? Well, both of course, but Hitwise shares some data that sees online shopping growth at 4.19% over the past four weeks, and that is up from 1.94% growth from the same period last year.

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Advertisers to Use Banners Less?

A report from Borrell Associates claims that next year will be the first in many in which some components of interactive advertising show little or no growth, or may even decline. A summary for the report says:

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How Many Sites Are On the Internet?

If there is any accuracy to data released by Netcraft, then the Internet has about 182,226,259 sites.  That’s 948,000 more than a month ago.

Netcraft looks at the number of sites hosted on the different top servers. The following graph represents market share for top servers across all domains from August 1995 to October 2008:

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Local is As Local Does

It looks like search engines have officially trumped the Yellow Pages when it comes to customers looking for local businesses. Data from comScore and TMP Directional Marketing shows that this year more people are turning to search engines after last year’s showed that Yellow Pages were on top.

What the Data Shows

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More Fuel for the Social-Media-At-Work Debate

Not long after we discussed the stats, pros, cons, and variables for social media use in the workplace, here at WebProNews, UK firm Demos has been talking about a study that suggests that social media is in fact good for businesses. I’m still sticking with the "it depends on a number of variables" theory, but the Demos info is worth taking a look at either way.

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Is Social Media Good or Bad For Business?

Business owners often struggle with the question of whether or not their employees should be using social media in the workplace. There are obvious reasons why they shouldn’t, but there are certainly potential benefits as well, and unfortunately not a lot of clarity to the matter. So let’s look at this from several different angles.


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Online Video By the Numbers

These days, I’m constantly writing about the growth of online video, and how it is becoming more mainstream. There is news to report on the matter about every day. Partnerships are formed. New offerings are made available.

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WordPress Creators Acquire PollDaddy

Integrating polls into your WordPress blog just got easier. WordPress creators Automattic have acquired poll and survey service PollDaddy.

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Survey Shows How Much People Make in Blogs & Social Media

Read Write Web conducted a survey with some quite interesting results. They asked 20 bloggers and social media consultants (that they claim to know and trust) what kind of money they make with their blogging gigs. The agreement was for RRW not to disclose their names, and for the bloggers themselves to be honest about their earnings.

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Universities Use Social Networks for Applicant Screening

When you’re a kid, say in high school, you don’t always consider the potential consequences for all your actions, especially on a career level. This is even truer when you don’t even have an idea of what you’re going to do with your life. When I was in high school, I had no idea that I would eventually be writing for an online publication. I didn’t even know where I would be going to college. I’m glad social networks were not in existence yet (not that I’m admitting to any foul behavior).

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Report: Spam Ratio Depends on Address’s First Letter

If a study by a Cambridge researcher is accurate, email addresses with less common first letters get less spam than those with more common ones.

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You’re Getting Spam Because Others Are Buying

For many of us that spend a good portion of our day-to-day lives online, the idea that people actually buy products from spam messages they receive in their inboxes seems laughable. However, new research from security company Marshal suggests quite the contrary.

The Results

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Score One for Apple!

Google of course won the eBusiness sector in the recently released American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). No surprise there.

Apple won in the personal computers category, which really isn’t all that shocking either.

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Disruptive Technologies for the Next 4 Years

Gartner, an IT industry analyst firm, has published a report on what its analysts see as the top ten disruptive technologies for 2008 to 2012:

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Internet Advertising Doing Quite Well

Internet advertising revenues reached a total of $21.2 billion last year! That’s billion.

That is according to IAB, who published PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Internet Advertising Report earlier this month. That is also 26% higher than the previous year.

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