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Carol Doda: Famed Topless Dancer Dies at 78

Carol Doda, the San Francisco woman who helped popularize topless dancing, has died. The cause of death is reported as kidney failure. She was 78. Doda surely wasn’t the first stripper to take her top off, but she played a big role in popularizing the form of entertainment. In the mid 60s, Doda first began dancing topless at San Francisco’s …

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Stussy is Stripping For Facebook Likes

You’ve seen campaigns on Facebook before: “If we get (X number) of likes, we will (name our son spider-man/ eat a pile of cat poop/ do something ridiculous)”. But odds are you haven’t seen one where they promise to take their clothes off for likes. That’s exactly what a Stussy of Amsterdam is doing on Facebook as we speak. First …

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