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Blac Chyna, Amber Rose Paid for Strip Club Stint

Black Chyna and Amber Rose reportedly love strip clubs, and the two were spotted Monday at the Ace of Diamonds club, tossing about $10,000 in bills at the strippers there. The two were paid for their appearance at the club, according to a report from TMZ. Amber Rose split recently from hubby Wiz Khalifa and Blac Chyna split a while …

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Congrats, Racist Stripper, You’re About to Be a YouTube Star!

There are plenty of disturbing things about the video you’re about to watch. The most obvious and shocking is the blatant racism on display, and the casual nature at which the woman in the video, clearly very upset, slings the word “n*gger” like it’s nothing. There’s also the issue of the passerbys to consider–most of which decide that they aren’t …

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Rihanna Stripper Video: She’s Making It Rain

Rihanna is no stranger to controversy, and it seems she doesn’t mind being filmed doing things most of us would rather keep off camera, so it’s about time a stripper video hit the web. The singer hit up a club in Miami over the weekend and dropped quite a bit of cash on some strippers, including Remy Redd, a popular …

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Octomom Makes Her Awkward Stripping Debut: Twitter Reacts

Octomom Nadya Suleman was originally scheduled to perform at a little joint called T’s Lounge, a strip club in West Palm Beach, Florida. However, a seemingly harmeless news report featuring quotes from a few of the establishment’s employees apparently rubbed her the wrong way, causing her to bail on the show. A lawsuit promptly ensued, though this didn’t stop the …

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Octomom is Now a Stripper: Twitter Reacts

Octomom, as you may recall, is a little cash-strapped at the moment. As a result, Nadya Suleman is looking to make a little bit of money to help pay for all of those mouths she has to feed. However, instead of investigating more traditional means of self-support, the infamous Octomom has signed on for an eight-night engagement at T’s Lounge, …

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Lennox Little League Receives Help from Stripper Angels

Lennox Little League (LLLL) was in financial doom until stripper angels made a surprise donation. Jet Strip gentleman’s club donated $1,200 to keep Lennox a registered league. Adult Entertainment venues are always trying to improve their standing in the community by giving donations to children’s organizations. It would come as no surprise if the club got more money from the …

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