Strike Articles

United May Soon Have A Strike On Its Hands

United Airlines is planning to cut $9.9 billion in pension accounts, and the labor unions are outraged and have threatened to strike later in the month if United does so.

UPS Down On Strike Threat

The package carrier’s pilot union gives its blessing to leadership to call a strike without another vote.

Deep Impact To Strike on July 4th

NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft will strike ‘Comet Tempel 1′ with a 820 pound impactor probe on the 4th of July.

Make Your Mailing a Home Run, Not a Strike Out!

You can use great design and copy to get a better response.

Alitalia Strike Leads to Canceled Flights

Alitalia had to cancel 176 flights as the result of a one-day strike by its cabin crews related to a contract dispute.

German Chancellor Wants to Loosen EU Rules

German chancellor, Gerhard Schrder, wants to loosen the EU’s fiscal rules so Germany and other countries can be allowed to run significant budget deficits.

Microsoft To Continue Legal Strike Against Richter

The Microsoft Corp. is continuing its legal strike against Scott Richter, CEO of direct marketing firm OptInRealBig.com, LLC. who has been dubbed the world’s third-largest spammer by ROKSO, the Register of Known Spam Operations, which is listed on http://www.spamhaus.org/, an anti-spam and consumer advocacy organization. Richter recently settled a similar lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Gainfully Unemployed … Making the decision to strike out on your own!

They say marriage, birth, death, changing residence, and changing jobs are five of the more stressful situations that a human being can encounter—they all take a lot of courage. Courage, however, doesn’t pay the bills. To be successful, you not only need courage, but you also need a combination of hard work, skill, perseverance, and several personal factors that can ensure your success.