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Businesses Can Submit Their Property to Google Street View
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Google introduced its Street View Partner Program today. This lets organizations and businesses apply to have their property featured in Street View on Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Maps for Mobile.

Street View Adds Images From Switzerland, Taiwan, Portugal
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Fans of Street View may not get a lot of work done today.  Google’s seen fit to release images covering three new countries, and pictures documenting some special points of interest within America’s borders have become available, as well.

Switzerland, Taiwan, and Portual are the three main attractions (as you probably gathered from this piece’s title).  Interesting and even stunning views are available of each, with the image below showing off Grindelwald, Switzerland.

Google Taps Photos on its Own Picasa for Street View
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A while back, Google began including user photos in Google Maps that could be viewed while a user navigated through street view. These photos were drawn from Panoramio.

Google has now decided to add Picasa photos into the mix. This makes perfect sense, considering Google owns Picasa.

How Well Do You Know Google Maps Street View?
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You may know a lot about Google Maps Street view, but you might not know everything there is to do with it. Perhaps you don’t know much at all. Either way, Google has set up a new site with the goal of making sure everyone who wants to know has access to all of the information that they need regarding Street View.

This includes information on privacy, how to use it, where it is available, and some behind the scenes material about how they gather the imagery. The Street View resource is located here.

More Ways to Get a Closer Look in Google Maps

A while back, Google began including user photos in Google Maps that could be viewed while a user navigated through street view. On a separate occasion, Google added some new zooming functionalities to Street View.

Germany Gives Street View Go-Ahead
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Sooner, rather than later, you may be able to drop a certain orange-yellow man onto a map of Germany and then look at the scenery as if you were standing on some of the country’s highways and roads.  It appears that Google and Germany have finally come to an agreement over Google Street View. 

Google Street View Meeting EU Privacy Guidelines
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Google has announced it is making additional privacy modifications to its Street View project in Europe.

Google says it is continuing to work with the Article 29 Working Party, which brings together representatives from all 27 European Data Protection Authorities. It is complying with European authorities request to provide advance notice to the public about the Street View project before driving in a new country.

The Article 29 Working Party has requested that Google set a time limit on how long it retains unblurred photos of panoramas in Street View.

Navigating the Streets of Google is Now Easier

Google has introduced new navigations improvements for Google Maps Street View. These improvements are collectively being referred to as Smart Navigation.

Google Street View Faces Scrutiny In Germany
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Google said Wednesday it had met demands by German privacy watchdogs over its Street View service, which offers photographs of buildings in cities taken from street level.

Johannes Caspar, who heads the data protection agency for the Hamburg area, had given Google a Wednesday deadline to allow property owners to opt out of being photographed for Street View.

Greece, Japan Come Down On Street View

Google’s Street View program is not having a good week.  Yesterday, word spread that Greek authorities had (at least temporarily) forbidden the Street View team from taking any pictures in their country, and today, it’s been reported that Google will reshoot all of its already-public images of Japan. 

Google Street View Wins Another Legal Test
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Google Street View feature may still make privacy groups unhappy, but at least for the time being, it remains a-okay in the eyes of the law.  A federal judge has decided not to give a litigious couple another chance to challenge Street View. 

Google Car Harassed By British Villagers/Cops
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Google Street View cars are hitting roadblocks in England, quite literally. If it’s not the cops in one town, it’s human shields in another.

I’ve never been England, and all I know about British roads is from movies, and from what I gather they are often clogged with sheep. In one village, called Broughton, people shooed off the sheep to block the road personally. They heard they Google car was coming.

Street View For The UK, Netherlands Announced
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Here’s a nice bit of news for anyone either planning a vacation or, due to the economy, canceling all trips farther than 15 miles from your home: Street View spread again this morning.  Imagery’s now available for 25 cities in the UK and the Netherlands, and the service’s coverage of France, Italy, and Spain has been expanded, too.

Get Your Photos on Google Maps Street View
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Google has introduced a new feature for Street View on Google Maps. This allows users to submit their own photos for places Street View has on display.

Street View Lawsuit Dismissed
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Privacy advocates who oppose Google Street View have suffered a rather significant defeat.  Yesterday, a United States Magistrate Judge thoroughly dismissed a lawsuit brought against Google by Aaron and Christine Boring.

Google Street View Driver Hits Deer Google Street View Driver Hits Deer
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Google has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to collecting imagery for Google Maps Street View. It is not surprising that some hiccups would occur along the way. If you don’t know, Google has drivers with cameras on top of their vehicles going around to capture the images it uses to compile the Street View feature some people find exceptionally cool, while others find it invasive and creepy.

Google Maps Street View Helps Find Kidnapped Child
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You’ve probably read stories about the police using YouTube to catch criminals. One guy even accidentally ratted himself out for mentioning his own YouTube videos.

Now, Google is sharing a story in which the cops used Google Maps Street View to help find a kidnapped child from Massachusetts all the way in Virginia.

Street View Draws More Privacy Trouble to Google
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Google’s Street View feature on Google Maps is certainly no stranger to privacy concerns. It has attracted lawsuits, but it is still moving right along. Google even dismissed one lawsuit bringer as being "out of touch with the real world."

Map Maker, Street View Advance Around Oceania
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Getting lost in Oceania got a lot harder in the last week or so, and should continue to grow trickier over time.  Not only was some already-extensive Street View coverage in Australia expanded, but the self-propagating Google Map Maker was launched in 43 new countries and territories.

Google Street View Doubles U.S. Coverage

News of Street View updates often leaks out a little early; unofficial reports will surface ahead of time, or sometimes, people just spot new photos before Google has had a chance to comment.  Today, however, the company seems to have caught everyone off guard in a big way, doubling its amount of U.S. coverage.

Google Street View Shows Shots Of New Zealand
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Let the online hobbit hunts begin.  Roughly eleven months after a number of camera-equipped cars were spotted rolling across the island country, Google Street View has started to offer imagery recorded in New Zealand.