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Google Getting Hung Up In Privacy Issues
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Google has a significant presence in Europe with large offices in Dublin, Zurich, and London, and smaller centers in Denmark, Russia, and Poland. The giant search company has been well received up to this point, but is now being forced to fight privacy laws.
Google Getting Hung Up In Privacy Issues

Google Street View Goes To Italy
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Old fans of "Everybody Loves Raymond" may remember a couple of episodes in which the Barone family visited Italy.  All of the usual squabbling stopped as the characters (and quite obviously, the cast) just enjoyed the experience.  Now, Google Street View will let its users share some of the same sights.

Google Street View Expected To Launch In Spain

You know the routine: small cars weighed down with large cameras are spotted in some city.  Then, without any warning, a Google Street View update occurs weeks or months later.  But it looks like photos of Spain should become public in the very near future, and a more comprehensive international release schedule may also have been made known.

Google Street View Delves Into France
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Given the economy’s current condition, most people are cutting out random trips to the local grocery store, never mind overseas vacations.  So as non-millionaires should agree, this makes it all the more interesting that Google has released additional Street View photos taken in France.

Germans Seek To Block Google Street View
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Aspects of Google are pretty popular in Germany; the latest comScore data indicates, for example, that it’s cornered 79.8 percent of the country’s search market.  Google Street View is being looked at in a different light, however, and may hit a show-stopping barrier in the town of Molfsee.

Google Street View Gets Mobile

Google has frequently touted Street View’s ability to help folks scout out addresses or entire trips, and most people have accepted its usefulness in these matters.  Only Street View would sometimes remain tethered to desktop computers while its users were wandering around, and so it’s nice to report that Street View has been introduced to Google Maps for mobile.

Google Sued For Trespassing

A California resident is suing Google for trespassing. Apparently Google’s Street View driver ignored a "No Trespassing" sign, drove down a private road, and snapped photos of the resident’s house.

Google Ignoring Trespassing Laws?
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You can hardly talk about Google Maps Street View without the issue of privacy coming up. There is no doubt  the feature is fun to play around with. It’s even useful for checking out trip destinations and landmark spotting, but it still tends to creep people out, particularly when they find their own house at such a close angle.

Googler Proposes Twice Via Google Street View

See, here’s how it works if you fall on the naturalist/biochemical side of love rather than the esoteric/spiritual side: The male species of human, as is common across non-asexually reproductive species, often makes grand gestures during the mating ritual in order to win the affection and devotion of the female.

Google Street View Expands To Australia, Japan
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It’s a teensy bit ironic that the first overseas launch of Google’s Street View related to the Tour de France.  Street View now appears to be holding a speed trial of its own, you see, with images of Australia, Japan, and over 30 American cities getting released yesterday evening.

Google Street View Given Nod In UK

Any people wanting to explore Britain from the comfort of their office chairs are in luck; the Information Commissioner’s Office has concluded that Google Street View doesn’t create any real privacy problems.

Google Scoffs At Complete Privacy
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Google’s Street View photography of a Pennsylvania residence drew a lawsuit from the owners, but Google dismissed the plaintiff’s opinion as being out of touch with the real world.

Google Keeping Street View Reined In Europe

Google’s camera cars may be prowling the streets of London now, prompting criticism from privacy advocates and a defensive response from the search advertising company.

Google Street View Glances At France
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Until now, Google Street View never allowed anyone to see outside America.  Thankfully, this year’s Tour de France seems to have provided enough of a reason for other images to be released.

Google Street View Gets Another Set Of Upgrades

Street View launched on May 29, 2007, and for some reason, Google is choosing to celebrate its first birthday today.  Don’t complain, though, because the celebration involves putting 37 places on display for the first time.

Minnesota Town Asks Out Of Google Street View
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Private property means more to North Oaks, MN, than just something to put on a sign, as the suburb wants Google to keep its camera cars out of town.

Google Starts Blurring Faces On Streetview

Last month, Google had incorporated a new feature in Google Maps, called ‘Street View’. Besides fetching directions for a destination, this feature enabled users to view images of their destination and its routes as well.

Street View Takes A Cue From “Cops”
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Users of Google Street View will still be able to hunt for people hopping fences, losing their pants, and lying out in the sun.  Users may not be able to see many faces, though, as Google’s making them disappear.

Google Now Gives Street View Directions
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Gigantic buildings are generally easier to see than four-inch street signs, and for that reason, it’s often easiest to use landmarks to navigate.  Now, in some areas, Google can help; the company has integrated its Street View images and turn-by-turn directions.

Trulia Obtains A Street View

Try to search for a house.  Checkboxes concerning prices, square footage, and the number of bathrooms can only take you so far – hundreds of results might show up.  You can peer at tiny, cropped photos, but that’s not great, either.  So a new deal between Google and Trulia brings Street View into the picture.

“Boring” Lawsuit Confronts Google Street View
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It was only a matter of time before Google got sued over Street View; the real question was which privacy group (or sympathetic person representing a privacy group) would be first to file.  And now a couple with the last name "Boring" has beaten them all to it.