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Ali Fedotowsky And Katherine Heigl Rescue Stray Dogs In Sochi

For the past few months, Russia’s government has been working hard at getting rid of hundreds of stray dogs to prepare for the Olympics. Now, it seems as if more stray dogs in Sochi will find good homes in America. After the Olympic Games, some U.S. athletes took home stray dogs that they have gotten to love during their stay …

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Stray Dogs of Sochi: Poisoned and Left to Die

The Olympic city of Sochi has been dealing with quite the furry problem. Thousands of stray dogs have been roaming the streets of the city. The dogs have been wandering the streets that were once empty, sleepy areas. Now, the built-up developments are home to the many lonely canines. Russian animal rights activists have recently accused city officials of ridding …

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Stray Dogs In Russia & The Rush To Save Them

Thousands of homeless dogs wander the streets of Sochi, begging for food. They live in the mud, and amid abandoned buildings and construction sites, without food or water, in the cold. With the winter Olympics opening ceremonies to start Friday, Russia is callously killing off its stray dogs in an effort to “clear the streets” of them to avoid bothering …

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