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Anonymous: Stratfor Attack Led To $700K In Fraudulent Charges

As you may recall, Anonymous hacked Stratfor back in December and fed the resulting emails to Wikileaks for publication. The group took other information including credit card info, but claimed they would use the resulting money for good. VentureBeat is reporting that the FBI is claiming Anonymous used the credit card information they stole to rack up $700,000 worth of …

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Stratfor Email Leaks Reveal U.S. Plans To Indict Wikileaks Founder

As you are all aware of by now, Wikileaks made a huge stink over the weekend by releasing 5GB of internal emails from Stratfor, a global intelligence company. Some of those emails concern Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange. The Sydney Morning Herald, who secured the emails from Wikileaks, reports that there was a specific email that points to the U.S. wanting …

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Stratfor Remains Steadfast Against Wikileaks; Emails’ Content Circulates

Following a data dump of over five million of their emails by Wikileaks, Stratfor, the global intelligence company caught in the sights of the whistleblower organization, has responded with a statement that seeks to downplay the security breach as well as emails’ import. The company decried the theft as “deplorable, unfortunate – and illegal.” While those descriptors may be true, …

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Stratfor Responds To Wikileaks Release Of Company’s Emails

The Wikileaks (and Anonymous) release of Stratfor’s emails must have been a huge blow to the company. How do you handle such a PR nightmare? Insist that Wikileaks is personally attacking your company. Stratfor issued a public statement today regarding the Wikileaks release of their emails last night. In it, they say that “thieves compromised Stratfor’s data systems and stole …

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Anonymous Collaborated With Wikileaks For Most Recent Leak

There was a massive release from Wikileaks last night that contained over five million emails from “The Global Intelligence Files.” It seems that Wikileaks got a little help from our friends at Anonymous. Wired is reporting that the first leaked emails from last night came from Anonymous who turned over the files to Wikileaks due to their better organization. A …

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