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Franchises Whats The Exit Strategy?

At an International Franchising Symposium in London, Peter Holt made the bold statement to his audience of Franchisors that they needed to understand that their business would fail, and in fact all businesses are bound for failure.

Bloggers Cause Sony to Rethink Their Strategy

I have to admit that – for no particular reason – I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the whole Sony rootkit blogstorm, though I certainly was aware of it.

Communicators Still Tiptoeing Around Blogs

Though professional communicators are aware of the weblog boom, the majority still seem reluctant to embrace the medium amid fears of the inherent lack of control of information that comes with it, according to a recent poll.

Blog Email Strategy

I’m new to blogging personally but I’m not new to opt-in email. Believe it or not email is still used by millions of people as a way to read content (email newsletters).

News Search Is Influencing Internet Marketing

The search landscape is changing so fast that half of what we knew a year ago about…

Designing Effective PPC Campaign Strategies and Tactics

As with any successful project, clear definitions of the overall strategy and the tactics necessary to achieve that strategy are essential.

Microsoft Talks Up Services Strategy

I’m watching Ray Ozzie on stage in San Francisco. All Microsoft employees can watch it live. I LOVE our intranet (Microsoft’s).

Internet Marketing Strategy Is Working For SMBs

According to the ISP Interland’s Summer 2005 Small and Medium-sized Business Barometer, SMB’s are getting a return from their Internet marketing strategy – company websites are providing valuable leads and sales.

Managers: Should Your PR Budget Stress Tactics or Strategy?

If public relations tactics like special events, brochures, broadcast plugs and press releases dominate your answer, you’re missing the best PR has to offer.

AOL CEO Refocuses Time Warner’s Strategy
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I’m listening to AOL’s CEO Richard Parsons who is on Charlie Rose. I like him. I want to have dinner with him someday

Yes, You Must Test A Market Strategy
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A marketing strategy is a series of actions intended to accomplish a specific sales goal. For example, an advertising strategy for a new product or service.

Blogging Strategy – Be a Maven

Paul Chaney has a good post on Mavens’ – a term used in Malcolm Gladwell’s book …

Documenting the Exit Strategy in Your Business Plan

All investors greatly desire and are motivated by a clear picture of a company’s exit strategy, or the timing and method through which they can “cash in” on their investment.

Using The Online Press Release Link Building Strategy

If you market any type of product or service, your online marketing strategy should include the distribution of online press releases. They are fairly easy to write and can potentially get you lot’s of media publicity which, in most cases, will increase your sales revenue.

Jupitermedia’s Search Engine Strategy: Sell!

SearchEngineWatch.com and the Search Engine Strategies trade shows now have a new owner.

Blogs as Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Here are some key points from the blog and SEO strategy webinar I live blogged in the previous post.

The Virtual Supply Chain the ultimate Supply Chain Management Strategy
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It has been said that the key to low costs in an e-commerce environment is through the adoption of a focused supply chain management strategy.

10 POWERFUL Reasons WHY ‘Articles’ Remain The Internets #1 Marketing Strategy

We’ve all heard it… “Content IS King” and for good reason because it IS as far as the Internet is concerned.

The Shocking Sales Strategy of Saying THANKS!

I would like you to begin thinking of mailboxes in a new way.

Finger Eating Garage Door Reveals Breakthrough Web Design and Linking Strategy

Last Thursday afternoon I was working on a garage door and regrettably loosened the torsion spring too much. This spring is what relieves or neutralizes the weight of the garage door so the openers can work without burning out and so you don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to open it.

How to Keep Your Marketing Strategy and Sales On Course

When a company announces that they’ve lost a billion dollars in the first three months of the year, as General Motors did two months ago, it is a good indication that they are way, way off course.