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Godin on Strategy vs. Tactics

Seth Godin has a great post on the difference between strategy and tactics.

Yahoo China To Change Strategy

Plans are in the works to reorganize Yahoo’s China portal. The company plans to shift towards being a business oriented search engine. Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Group that oversees Yahoo’s China operations said the change would make Yahoo more competitive.

Software Test Automation and Strategy
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Companies are turning to automated testing tools more often than ever before to ensure that their applications are working properly prior to deployment.

Roundup: Digg Spam Policy

I wasn’t sure about posting about getting the nix from digg earlier this week, but apparently it was on many people’s minds.

Digg and Social Marketing Strategy
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There has been a lot of chatter on various blogs and forums lately about Digg banning domains (a lifetime ban it seems). Some sites have received this response from Digg:

Corporate Attitude to Social Media

While most companies in the US and the UK regard blogging as an important new communication medium, most are not monitoring the online conversation and have not adapted their corporate communication strategy to include social media elements such as an effective Internet marketing strategy.

Online Video A Billion Dollar Business In 2007

More than a third of the total US population viewed video on the Internet in 2006 according to eMarketer. Ages 3 and up viewed video on the Internet at least monthly and in three years more than half of all Americans will compose the online video audience.

Malpractice in Information Security?

Interesting QA over at CSO Security Counsel today with Dan Greer trying to define what is information security malpractice, and the most interesting part is that today, we can’t define it.

Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Communication Departments
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The Peppercom and Bulldog Reporter Business Blogging Survey conducted on 1,200 marketing industry executives from the United States and United Kingdom, revealed some startling disconnects in corporate communication policy on both sides of the pond…

Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Corporate Communication

PR left holding the baby when things go wrong.

Web Strategy Made Simple

After asking the question Do you have a Web Strategy?, I thought it was important to give a closer look at what the term really means.

All Web Strategy Is Not Created Equal

Regardless of if you are a small business, Fortune 500 company, politico, or a private individual, you have a web strategy even if you have not formalized it. All web strategy is not created equal.

Recycle Your Career Strategy

Gaining momentum to climb any corporate ladder today requires a significant amount of work. College degrees, skill, talent, and great performances still aren’t enough.

Internet Marketing Spend

It’s not slowing down, it’s just diversifying.

News As A Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Not only are online news patrons just as desirable from a marketing perspective as their print counterparts, but in many instances, they are even more upscale.

Consumer Input Reaching Deep

Consumers have more control over what products and services companies will offer…

How to Categorize Your Content for Feeds

Now that you have an RSS strategy, let’s take a look at what content you might like to syndicate.

Social Media Optimization: Which Sites Matter?

Is there life beyond Del.icio.us?

Blog Equivalence of Page Rank

Over the years people have come to rely heavily on Google’s Page Rank as an indicator for a site’s authoritativeness. It’s still a very prominent metric but people (esp. SEM Experts) are now beginning to understand that there’s a whole lot more to it.

Social Media Club LA

If you are in the vicinity you should come…

What is Your Asia Strategy for the Global Customer Base?

Something new happened in mid-2006 – five out of the top ten websites listed by Alexa (based on traffic for the previous three months) were Asian. Four of those were Chinese.