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How To Waste Your Search Budget
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Companies that buy search advertising may be flushing away part of their budgets as they bid on brand keywords they probably don’t need.

Advertise Better By Advertising Less

Matt Haughey dug around in his site analytics and found out he might be able to make more ad revenue by not showing ads to his most ardent visitors.

Yahoo Connects Re-Org To Mission
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The minor shuffling Yahoo undertook last year saw the formation of three divisions to oversee the company’s operations. Yahoo Network Division head Jeff Weiner explained how it’s going to work.

CBS Goes Net As Innertube Fails To Pop

The aggressive Internet strategy employed by CBS also includes the ability to learn from its missteps, as the network will go beyond its Innertube video service to syndicate content all over the Web.

Socializing Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The capabilities opened up by Web applications such as social-networking sites and the close integration of media in software is changing the face of consumer marketing, said Robert Bach, head of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division at Mix 07 (Microsoft’s conference devoted to Web developers and designers.)

"The same technologies that are transforming the world of development are also changing the world of marketing," he said.

Here are some of the examples cited:

Social Media Disrupts Company Communication
I was inspired this morning by Daniel’s post on his Emergence Media blog titled Marketing Changes: CMOs, Evangelist, Social Media Programs, Website Strategy Positioning, it’s a very meaty article and worth a good read.

Longer Tail of Media Consumption

Microsoft Bidding Up Acquisitions On Purpose?

Don Dodge, who works at Microsoft, offers up some interesting analysis of Google and Microsoft’s acquisition strategy. Not saying I agree with it, but it does make for fun Sunday-morning reading.

Google Goes Crazy Over Acquisitions

If a company wants to place itself in position for a big check from Google, being a little bit crazy helps. So does bringing in the kind of traffic that can make crazy money for Google.

CEOs – They Should Get Out More

A Globe and Mail article this week by Tavia Grant suggested that CEOs are ‘still in the dark’.

(Hat tip to Rick Spence for mentioning this.)

Managing Your Online Marketing Strategy Time

The most valuable thing that you have when you’re marketing online is your time. Every second that passes means money that you have either made, or let go by. When it comes to marketing on the internet, no matter how good your product is, and how spectacularly you present it, if it isn’t seen by anyone, it will all be for naught. Therefore, everybody who intends to achieve success online must therefore become somewhat of an online marketing expert.

Online Video Success Depends on Content Strategy

Andrew Foote of Peppercom has some sage advice for firms looking for success with viral video and social media as part of their internet marketing strategy.:

Cisco Bets on Social Media for Marketing Strategy

In addition to their acquisiton of Five Across, which makes social-networking and forum software to help companies improve their internet marketing strategy and their communications with customers, Cisco sealed a deal this week to purchase software assets from, and acquire employees of, social-networking site operator Utah Street Networks.

Book Publisher Asks About Microsoft Search Strategy

Joe Wikert, who works at Wiley (he’s an executive there) which is one of the world’s oldest (and biggest) book publishing companies asks some harsh questions about Microsoft’s search strategy.

Domain Names & Defensible Traffic

Andy Hagans recently posted about his linkbait marathon strategy to rank his sites at the top of the search results. Brian Provost posted about his love for domaining. Domain names may play a big roll not only in anchor text, but also in overall domain credibility, linkability, and defensibility.

AdWords Strategy: Are You Holistic?

Google’s AdWords Optimization team has been delving into the art of making the product work better for its clients. To start things off, they recommend getting a little perspective first.

Media Multitasking Impacts Marketing Strategy

Consumers are constantly flooded with content from all different sorts of channels. Rather than picking and choosing particular methods of consumption, however, many choose to multitask between outlets, which can ultimately decrease the effectiveness of each one.

Estimates suggest that 25%-30% of total media time is spent multitasking content. While media multitasking is seemingly a common sense concept, it actually can have a significant impact on the ability to absorb and remember content, including marketing messages.

Search Engines, Quit Worrying About Google

Research performed at The Wharton School suggested a ‘Myth of Market Share’ may compel companies to focus way too much attention at eroding the market share of competitors.

Where Websites Are Concerned, Less Is More

I chanced to find a most staggering item on Karen Blakeman’s Blog entitled UK Government to Close Down Web Sites.

Strategy for Managing News

What is the best way to promote a Press Release? The obvious choice would be to create a viral marketing campaign which would hopefully end up sticking around for months.

Building Your Email List with Social Media

“The money is in the list” still holds true. Email is alive and well and being fed by social media sites.

Adding Video To Web Content Strategy

In the wake of the FCC’s issues with VNR’s and the growth of YouTube, Internet video is catching on as a way to reachonline viewers.

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