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IBM Surpasses 1000 Customers With Data Virtualization Software

IBM announced a watershed moment in the storage industry, surpassing 1,000 customers who have simplified their infrastructure with IBM’s data virtualization software.

Yahoo To Update Email Storage

A recent announcement by Yahoo revealed they are in the process of increasing the amount of storage for members of their free email service to 1 gigabyte, which should be available by the end of April. The previous storage capacity allotted was 250 megabytes. The increased storage capacity provides four times the amount than before.

More Yahoo Email Causes A Stir

The press has written several hundred stories on the news that Yahoo has raised their email storage limit to 1 gig.

Yahoo At 1 Gig, Better Late Than Never!

Bloggers are chattering away at the news that Yahoo is matching Google with a 1 gigabyte limit on their free email service.

Yahoo Mail To Offer 1-Gigabyte Storage

Although the initial hubbub over email storage capacities has died down, it appears as if it’s ready to start back up again. Apparently, Yahoo’s email service is preparing to offer another increase in member storage, bringing the fight for email subscribers back to the front.

Cisco Updates Storage Virtualization Solutions

Cisco Systems unveiled significant updates to its network-based storage virtualization solutions.

Is DVD Storage An Attractive Alternative For Your Computer Backup?

If you have a computer for home use or for your business and don’t take comprehensive backup for full protection then you are in the danger-zone. Maybe you do not take any backup at all.

Hitachi’s Virtualization Up for Debate

Hitachi Data Systems is virtualizing all EMC Symmetrix systems with its TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform.

Holographic Storage Come True

InPhase Technologies has developed a computer storage medium that has the potential to store over a terabyte of data on one disc.

Storage Costs Continue to Drop

After reading the /. story about IBM trying to build a 100TB tape drive, I found myself over on Pricewatch.com …

Storage Costs Decrease

The ability to store data is one of the rudimentary functions of a computer. Numerous devices are used in order to keep copies of work and/or backups. When storage is mentioned, the standard internal hard drive is what usually comes to mind. As with most peripherals in the computer medium, storage costs are continuing to fall, making large amounts of storage space available at reasonable prices.

IBM Offers Next Generation Storage Software

IBM announces new storage automation and IBM Virtualization Engine technologies to help enable clients to simplify their infrastructure.

VERITAS Storage Management Offerings to Include Features for AIX

Storage Management Solutions Now Span Industry Leading Operating Systems; Maximizing Choice and Flexibility for Customers While Driving Down Costs.

FalconStor Releases Next Generation of IPStor Enterprise Edition

Company Raises the Standard for Network Storage Infrastructure Software with New Version of IPStor Enterprise Edition.

Intel and Others Lead Iniative to Define Storage Interface

A new initiative to define a storage interface tailored to the unique needs of handheld and portable consumer electronic devices is being led by Intel Corporation, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Marvell Semiconductor, Seagate Technology and Toshiba America Information Systems.

HP Introduces HP StorageWorks XP12000 Disk Array

HP StorageWorks XP12000 Delivers Low-cost, Tiered Storage for 50 Percent Savings on Additional Disk Capacity.

Yahoo China Unveils 1G Email Storage

Yahoo China has recently started providing email users with one gigabyte of email storage. The new storage space makes Yahoo China the largest capacity email storage in the entire country.

Hotmail Suffers Storage Gaffe

Members that signed up for Microsoft’s free version of Hotmail last Wednesday (7-21-04) were treated to an unexpected gift. Upon completion of their registration, some new members were rewarded with 2 gigabytes of storage, the upgraded amount reserved for paid members.

Ask Jeeves Upgrades Email Storage Too

Not to be left out of all the email storage upgrade fun, Ask.com has announced that they too would be increasing the amount of email storage its customer’s receive.

MSN Hotmail Takes on Google with 250 MB of Email Storage

In a few weeks, users of MSN Hotmail will be offered 250MB of storage space. The upgrade will take place in early July, Microsoft announced today.

Yahoo Announces Email Storage Upgrades

Yahoo has announced they will be increasing the storage capacity of its email service. The changes are to be implemented today, June 15, 2004.