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EMC Raps Storage Arrays With DMX-3

The company announced its largest and fastest storage solution on Monday, the Symmetrix DMX-3.

Gmail Adds Additional Language Support
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With the popularity of Google’s email service continuing to grow, the search engine has continued to tweak Gmail’s abilities in order to the growing number of international users who’ve shown interest in using the service.

Seagate Turns Storage On Its Side

The hard drive company’s perpendicular technology offers 160 GB of storage, which will make laptops even more attractive to buyers.

Seagate Gives Laptops Big Storage Increase

Consumers who have been favoring notebook computers over desktop machines now have more reason to choose a laptop.

Iomega Patent Offers Serious DVD Storage

Iomega Corp. announced yesterday that is has received a patent for a nanotechnology storage method that will allow up to 100 times the capacity on DVDs.

TDK Stacks Up 100GB Blu-ray Storage

A prototype of the new DVD arrived in Tokyo yesterday, and it doubles the first generation Blu-ray capacity of 50GB.

GE Commercial Finance Sells Storage USA

General Electric’s financial services unit, GE Commercial Finance is selling Storage USA for $2.3 billion in cash.

Storage Firm Loses Time Warner Data

A data storage firm has lost a group of important computer back-up tapes that belong to Time Warner.

IBM and Network Appliance Announce Storage Relationship

IBM and Network Appliance announced a strategic storage relationship to drive information on demand solutions and to expand IBM’s portfolio of storage solutions…

Gmail Capacities Continue To Increase

Last Friday, Google revealed their intentions to increase the storage capacity of Gmail accounts, moving them past the 1-gigabyte mark.

Google Doubles Gmail Storage Capacity, Adds Features
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As Google celebrated the 1 year birthday of Gmail, it announced that it was doubling the storage capacity for accounts to 2 gigabytes.

Gmail Has A Present For Members

Today marks the 1-year birthday for one of the most talked about web-based email services ever developed, Google’s Gmail.

Cookies vs Flash For Client Side Storage

I have mixed thoughts regarding the dispute between using cookies to store client side data [session vars, userid's, affiliate codes, etc...] versus using cookies to store the data.

IBM Surpasses 1000 Customers With Data Virtualization Software

IBM announced a watershed moment in the storage industry, surpassing 1,000 customers who have simplified their infrastructure with IBM’s data virtualization software.

Yahoo To Update Email Storage

A recent announcement by Yahoo revealed they are in the process of increasing the amount of storage for members of their free email service to 1 gigabyte, which should be available by the end of April. The previous storage capacity allotted was 250 megabytes. The increased storage capacity provides four times the amount than before.

More Yahoo Email Causes A Stir

The press has written several hundred stories on the news that Yahoo has raised their email storage limit to 1 gig.

Yahoo At 1 Gig, Better Late Than Never!

Bloggers are chattering away at the news that Yahoo is matching Google with a 1 gigabyte limit on their free email service.

Yahoo Mail To Offer 1-Gigabyte Storage

Although the initial hubbub over email storage capacities has died down, it appears as if it’s ready to start back up again. Apparently, Yahoo’s email service is preparing to offer another increase in member storage, bringing the fight for email subscribers back to the front.

Cisco Updates Storage Virtualization Solutions

Cisco Systems unveiled significant updates to its network-based storage virtualization solutions.

Is DVD Storage An Attractive Alternative For Your Computer Backup?

If you have a computer for home use or for your business and don’t take comprehensive backup for full protection then you are in the danger-zone. Maybe you do not take any backup at all.

Hitachi’s Virtualization Up for Debate

Hitachi Data Systems is virtualizing all EMC Symmetrix systems with its TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform.