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Google Glitch Creates Confusion

Google experienced a glitch on Saturday morning when the message, "This site may harm your computer," was displayed next to every single Google search result.

Google blames the glitch on human error. On the Official Google Blog, VP, Marissa Mayer explains.

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China, Google Share Top 10 Most Infected List

If you go down’s top ten most malware infected network list, you’ll notice a pattern: the first four are Chinese. While the critic may find that unsurprising, number five on the list, Google, Inc., is worth a double take.

Google isn’t just one of the founders of, it’s also a member. The company, in a weird twist, is also its own target. Google has its free blogging service Blogger to thank for all that junk gumming up its own network. Out of over 200,000 websites discovered to be infected, Blogger returned 4,261 infections.

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