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Quit Smoking: Three Reasons You Should Stop

Everyone knows that smoking is a gross and unhealthy habit, yet millions of people around the world still do it. While most people know that smoking can cause a number of health problems, there are many other reasons you should stop smoking as well. Here are three of them. Alzheimer’s Disease Did you know that people who smoke will suffer …

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Quit Smoking: Tips For Quitting During The Holidays

It’s never easy to stop smoking, and if you are trying to quit during the holidays, you could face some additional challenges. Since many people smoke as a way to deal with stress or as a reaction to a stressful situation, the holidays can make a smoker want to smoke more than what he or she already does on a …

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Quit Smoking: Tips To Help You Stop For Good

Smoking is a nasty habit that can cause yellow teeth, brittle nails and a variety of horrible health problems. Smoking has been linked to both cancer and heart disease and is so addicting that many people find it difficult to stop smoking no matter how hard they try. If you are ready to quit this bad habit and put those …

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Quit Smoking- What Works For You?

Trying to quit smoking can be a big challenge. Many people try and try again, but just have no luck. The problem is often the method that people use to try to quit. There are numerous tools, tricks and tips that can be used to help you quit smoking, but you may have to try a few out before you …

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