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Check Out This Incredible Stop-Motion Animated Film

If you don’t know the name Molly Crabapple, you should. You might recognize her style from various projects she’s done, ranging from last year’s SXSW promo materials to pieces for The Nation, CNN, and The New Inquiry. She is a very politically-minded artist, getting involved in Occupy Wall Street (sometimes inadvertently) and offering up her thoughts on voting and the …

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This Amazing Stop Motion Animation Was Made Entirely With Pumpkins

Stop motion animation and Halloween seemingly go hand-in-hand. Ever since Mad Monster Party from Rankin Bass in 1967, a number of Halloween (or macabre) films have been shot using stop motion animation. The most famous is arguably Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Burton recently released Frankenweenie just in time for Halloween. All of the above films, except for …

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Kickstarter Has Given Birth To An Animation Renaissance

Last week, Kickstarter said that 2012 was “The Year Of The Game.” They let it be known that gaming projects had raised over $50 million over the last eight months. It’s an impressive number, but Kickstarter has not just been a great source of revenue for the gaming community. Animation has seen somewhat of a renaissance thanks to the crowdfunding …

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