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Invisible Children CEO Answers Questions About Financial Scrutiny

“Kony 2012” is the hottest viral video of 2012, and with it came a long list of criticisms involving the charity behind the video – Invisible Children (IC). In response to this criticism, IC has released a video featuring their CEO, Ben Keesey. It’s an 8 minute video which goes a bit more in-depth into the financial questions being raised …

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Kony 2012: The Anatomy Of A Viral Success

Funny thing about the internet: you can’t smell anything on it, but certain stories sure can cause a stink. Two days ago, we told you about the meteoric rise of the latest viral video, Kony 2012, that didn’t make the rounds on the internet so much as it grabbed the internet by the eyeballs and forced everybody to look directly …

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Kony: Ugandan Says He’s Already Dead

The “Stop Kony” movement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has gotten a lot of traction lately. The Ugandan guerrilla leader, Joseph Kony, has become a household word since a viral video was released telling of his abuses and viciousness. John Vinson reported on it here on Wednesday. However, another video is going viral that was made in response to the …

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