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Invisible Children CEO Answers Questions About Financial Scrutiny
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“Kony 2012” is the hottest viral video of 2012, and with it came a long list of criticisms involving the charity behind the video – Invisible Children (IC). In response to this criticism, IC has released a video featuring their …

Kony 2012: The Anatomy Of A Viral Success Kony 2012: The Anatomy Of A Viral Success
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Funny thing about the internet: you can’t smell anything on it, but certain stories sure can cause a stink. Two days ago, we told you about the meteoric rise of the latest viral video, Kony 2012, that didn’t make the …

Kony: Ugandan Says He’s Already Dead
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The “Stop Kony” movement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has gotten a lot of traction lately. The Ugandan guerrilla leader, Joseph Kony, has become a household word since a viral video was released telling of his abuses and viciousness. John …