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‘Facebook Drug Task Force’ Hoax Shows Desperate Need for More Satire Tags

Last week, Facebook began reminding idiots that The Onion, as well as articles from other “satirical” sources, were in fact satire. And like a beaming white patronus in the forest of idiocy, thousands of clueless souls stepped up to provide an immediate example of why Facebook is doing this. Despite what your stoner nephew may have posted this week, Facebook …

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Israel Invents Weed Without The Stoner Effect

Israeli scientists have cultivated a Marijuana plant that doesn’t get people high when they smoke it. No, it is not some form of inhumane torture, it’s an effort to deliver the medicinal soothing effects of marijuana to patients struggling with various diseases, while not exposing them to the disorienting high often associated with smoking the substance. While some may believe …

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