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What’s in an Investment Newsletter?

When an investor receives a newsletter full of stock tips and information, the first instinct is to act quickly on the information in order to make money before anyone else does.

Yahoo Launches New Stock Forums with RSS

Do you like to keep track of message boards for a particular stock? I admit, I still keep an eye on what’s being said about a certain company from my past. ;-)

Businesses Take Stock Of Google Local Ads

The latest play for the local search market officially debuted from Google as the search advertising company discussed the launch of the new AdWords feature.

Google Revenue Jeopardized By Keyword Case
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Searching for Edina Realty on Google returns a top-of-the-page sponsored link run by TheMLSonline.com, and Edina Realty has sued the advertiser over use of its trademark.

Google Surprise: A New Stock Sale

Another 5.3 million shares of GOOG, worth about $2.1 billion at current valuation, should help smooth the company’s entry into the S&P 500 index.

Google Finance or Google Portal?

Is Google Finance evidence of a Google Portal master plan? I think not. Google’s strategy is focused on creating pageviews in any way possible to satisfy a huge demand for targeted key word advertising.

Google Finance: Simple, Sophisticated

The search advertising company launched its financial news site last night, with an interesting take on meshing stock charts and news related to a company.

Using Digg to Game the Stock Market

In yesterday’s show #120 of FIR: The Hobson & Holtz Report podcast, Shel and I talked about the teenager who gamed Google News with a fake press release.

Option Trading Tip – Covered Call Cashflow

Writing Covered Calls is a conservative strategy where you buy a stock that you would like to invest in and then write a call option against that stock.

NBC Plunders iVillage, Takes Women.com

NBC Universal announced it will acquire popular online women’s community iVillage for around $600 million. The company said iVillage “mirrors a key demographic of the NBC Universal audience – women,” and will be integrating television, film, and home entertainment content.

Google Logo Causing Stock Hit

The Onion ran one of their faux “man on the street” pieces last Thursday, asking “Google recently suffered a 13% percent drop in stock price, the sharpest drop in the history of the company.

Google Shares Slammed

Google Stock plummeted Tuesday, losing $30.58 and going down to $362.62. At one time, shares were as low as $338.51.

Google Shows Large Q4 Revenues Yet Stock Falls Overnight

Google released its forth quarter results Tuesday, posting revenues of $1.919 billion for the three month period ending December 31, 2005.

Bear Stearns Tapping Blogs For Stock Analysis?
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Aside from maintaining its "outperform" rating on Google, the investment firm thinks a Google Music Store is in the works; a good question for now would be "Did you get this idea from a blog too?"

Google Stock Recovers

Mahlon at BuyGoogle reports that Google’s stock has bounced back, reaching as high as $454 today (its now $436), recovering most of what it lost last week when it fell to $400.

No Justice: Google Stock Plunges

The analysts who recently advised clients to sell Google have been proved prescient, as Google’s now-public fight with the Department of Justice has led to a sell-off.

Lots of surprises at MacWorld

It’s been a day of surprises at MacWorld.

Google Not Likely to Split Stock

Despite Google’s stock price getting close to $450 per share, CNet reports the company is not likely to consider a stock split.

Google Stock “Not For Weak Stomachs”

A Merrill Lynch analyst sees some short term risk in place for shares of high-flying Google, and a need for long term revenue alternatives.

Yahoo Stock Enters Holding Pattern

One Wall Street analyst sees Yahoo nearly at its full valuation and changes his firm’s rating from “buy” to “hold” while remaining bullish on the company’s long-term prospects.

Will Google’s Stock Pass $500?

It got to quittin’ time Wednesday and I buzzed on home daydreaming about the nearly suicidal feast that was awaiting me the next day-I could leave Google in Mountain View for Thanksgiving, I thought. But during the commute, listening to the only guy that makes Wall Street interesting for me on the radio…