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Retirement Planning: 3 Reasons To Start As Soon As Possible

Retirement planning is typically something that individuals and couples engage in once they hit their late forties and early fifties. The conventional wisdom has been that once you hit a certain age, you should be looking to prepare to retire. In actuality, every American needs to start working on their “nest age” immediately. Putting it off while failing to consider …

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Stock Market Crash Said To Be Inevitable. So Why Have Baby Boomers Poured Everything Into It?

There is an ongoing debate as to what the current state of the stock market means. For some, what we’re witnessing is a natural aspect of the market, known as a “correction”. The correction part of the cycle is said to occur years after the market enjoys a bullish period. When the stocks have peaked, they may drop down more …

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Stock Markets Closed With Hurricane Sandy (Frankenstorm) Closing In

As previously reported, major stock trading has halted today thanks to Hurricane Sandy (aka: Frankenstorm). Fears related to the storm have shut down the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ. Both announced that they would be closed today, and may also be closed on Tuesday. Google has put out a pair of Hurricane Sandy-related maps, including this New York-specific …

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