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Stiletto-heel Killing: Attack Not Self-Defense

Stiletto-heel killer Ana Trujillo was convicted Tuesday of murdering her boyfriend, University of Houston professor Stefan Andersson. Her attorney insisted that she was trying to defend herself after the couple got into a drunken altercation after a night on the town. The proof they offered was testimony from a nurse that examined Trujillo 2 days after her arrest. She stated …

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Stiletto-Heel Killing: Woman Convicted Of Murder

The Stiletto-heel killing case in Texas has ended in conviction. Anna Trujillo, 45, claimed she was acting in self-defense when she bludgeoned her boyfriend, Stefan Andersson, to death with her shoe after a drunken fight. However, as Andersson, 56, was stabbed in the face and head over two dozen times, the jury thought otherwise. The altercation happened after a night …

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